Sunday, April 22, 2007

Another Film Debunking Greenhouse-CO2-Driven Climate Change

1. Here is another on-line documentary film critical of greenhouse-CO2 theory, but produced more by the scientists themselves, without the glitz and journalistic devices of the Channel 4 documentary.
"Climate Catastrophe Cancelled: What You're Not Being Told About the Science of Climate Change" -- put together by a group of Canadian climate scientists.

2. Regarding "The Great Global Warming Swindle" video, I am informed it is no longer available from YouTube or Google Video.  However, a few internet eBay vendors are selling copies of it on DVD.  Do a search at eBay for "Global Warming Swindle".

3. Also, in the nature of "balance", here's a website critical of the above Channel 4 Dispatches documentary:
Actually, it is not balanced at all.   The author mentions nothing about the discredited "hockey stick" global warming graph, nor about the Medieval Warm Period or Little Ice Age, which are central to the foundational arguments of the greenhouse-CO2 critics.  In fact there were major climate changes which pre-date industrial pollution, and which did not result in dramatic sea-level changes or Arctic species extinctions.  Issues which scientific critics and advocates have debated back and forth over years in science journals are merely reported as "incontrovertable" for the advocates, in typical lies-of-omission regarding the disparaged "deniers".  A review of many of the cited-linked web resources identified at this website also do not validate the greenhouse-CO2 advocates as they claim, but instead validate the critics.  Overall, it appears more like a CSICOP missive, setting up straw-man arguments, personally attacking the critics who appeared for interviews (to the point that one of them fearfully issued retractions), and making unreliable comments which cannot be validated.  The abuse of terms "deniers", and negative comparisons of CO2 critics to HIV critics, typically indicates they are defenders of orthodoxy on all fronts.  Revealing is the comment about one of the scientist critics of greenhouse-CO2, that geographers are "not climate scientists" (attack the credentials, ignore the arguments and work), and that another was retired, and therefore "beyond accountability" (meaning, he could no longer be punished for expressing contrary views).

Other resources of note:

Friends of Science: Providing Insight into Climate Science

CO2 Science -- A masterful detailed accounting of scholarly research papers documenting the  pre-industrial Medieval Warm Period, which was hotter than today, and thereby debunks the central premise of the "greenhouse/CO2" mechanism for the current warming.

Still Waiting for Greenhouse - an excellent listing and educational going-through of the greenhouse/CO2 arguments, dissecting them and exposing the serious flaws.  And in some cases, the serious fraud.  The second link below, for example, dissects the discredited and scientifically-invalid "hockey stick" graph of global temperatures, which erased the Medieval Warm Period and Little Ice Age from existence, thereby leaving only the current epoch of warming intact.

For future reference, I have added these three links to a special "Climate Science" section on the OBRL "Links" webpage:

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From a prior OBRL-News-Bulletin:
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