Sunday, April 22, 2007

Fascinating Useful Tool on Internet

Here is something more optimistic.

If we review data on demographics which overlap into what we would
classify as sex-economic factors, with few exceptions, all world
nations are slowly transforming towards the models of greater
freedom, better education and health, higher status for women, and
greater wealth. It is a slow transformation, but happening

A delightful exposition on this can be seen here:
I don't agree with all of what is said here, and know nothing about
the professor who makes the presentation, but the data trends are
factual and important.

In fact, you can review the raw data from the "gapminder" website, here:
There are several variations, all fascinating useful tools. They all
can be accessed and viewed in real-time on-screen by date, often in
both graphical and mapped form.

A little examination will show the power of this tool.

James DeMeo

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