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[OBRL-News-Bulletin] Quarterly Newsletter #15, April 2007

OBRL-News Version
OBRL Quarterly #15, April 2007

This is the infrequent, Quarterly version of the OBRL-News-Bulletin,
from the Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL) in Ashland, Oregon, USA.

Please responsibly re-post and distribute to other interested persons, groups and websites.
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Topical notices:

1. Summer Guided Independent Study Program on General Orgonomy
We still have several seats open for this program.

A 5-day Guided Independent Study Program in General Orgonomy is being organized, meeting each day and led by James DeMeo, Ph.D., Director of OBRL. Lecture/discussions and demonstrations of apparatus will occur in the mornings, with independent student projects in the afternoons, using the facilities of the lab.  Topics to be covered include issues from Sex-Economy, Saharasia, Bions, Orgone Accumulator, Atmospheric Orgone and Orgone Physics, with an emphasis upon their relationship to similar classical science concepts.

Greensprings Center, near Ashland, Oregon, USA
Meeting every day, 10 AM to 6 PM
from 7 - 11 July 2007 - Saturday through Wednesday
Also, 6 July Friday Open House at the Greensprings Center,
and 12 July Optional Field Trip to Crater Lake National Park.
Limited to 10 participants. Make your reservations early.

Click here for more details:

2. Once Again... Other Notable Reich/Orgonomy Conferences in 2007:

* Rangeley, Maine: 29 July - August 1st, 2007
The Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley Maine will host a 4-day event  on  WILHELM REICH IN THE 21st CENTURY:  2007 INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON ORGONOMY, with an excellent line-up of speakers and presentations.  For more information, see:

* Lancashire, United Kingdom: 13-19 August 2007
The Newly-Registered non-profit institute CORE (Centre for Orgonomic Research & Education) in the UK will host a 7-day event in Lancashire, United Kingdom, also with an excellent line-up of speakers, presentations and demonstrations.
     The first 5 days of the event will cover "Orgonomy Today", with Talks and Demonstrations on the Science of the Life Energy, formal speaker's presentations, and an Exhibition of Equipment and Experiments. Monday to Friday, 13-17 August 2007 For more information, see here:
     The last 2 days of the event will cover "New Research in Orgonomy", being a weekend Research Seminar for practicing scientists interested in Reich's findings.
Saturday and Sunday, 18-19 August 2007.
     A "CALL FOR PAPERS" Notice also has been issued for this event, for professional scientists.  A few time-slots are still open.  For more information, see here:

* Valencia, Spain: 2-4 November 2007
Conference: 50 YEARS AFTER REICH.A LIFE MOVEMENT. In the Spanish language. For more details, see here:

* Dr. James DeMeo will be presenting several lectures at the above Conferences, along with all the other presenters.  Similar info is summarized here:

3. New Book: Wilhelm Reich and the Healing of Atmospheres
We are pleased to announce a new book by Roberto Maglione.  Here's the description as it appears in our on-line catalog:

* WILHELM REICH AND THE HEALING OF ATMOSPHERES: Modern Techniques for the Abatement of Desertification, by Roberto Maglione. Translated from the original Italian, with a Foreword by James DeMeo. A scientific overview of Reich's discovery and applications of Cosmic Orgone Engineering, or "cloudbusting" as it is more popularly known. Covers Reich's experiments, and those of his associates and followers: Richard Blasband, Jerome Eden, and James DeMeo, among others. Experiments in the USA, Europe, Africa, the Middle East, all with positive results supportive of Reich's original claims. Comprehensive with numerous photos, diagrams, graphs and full citation-lists. 121 pp.  $39.00 Softcover

Orders can be placed via this weblink:

4.  Work In Progress At OBRL

* Work continues on round-the-clock monitoring of the thermal anomaly in the orgone accumulator, or To-T.  Of special note is the observation of a definite increase in the To-T readings starting around mid-March, the time of the Spring Equinox, when the Earth moves into what appears to be a strong streaming or pulse of energy in space.

* Also with continued monitoring, anomalous readings from our orgone-charged GM/neutron counter, which soars episodically to several thousand CPM.  A control unit, of identical construction, but not orgone-charged, gives typical readings of 0-2 CPM.

* Our archive project continues, with transfers being made of OBRL's considerable archive of old VHS, U-Matic and Hi-8 videotapes onto digital DVDs, for long-term storage.  The VHS collection is nearly finished, but much remains to be done.  A section of the laboratory building, in the attic section under the observatory, has been set aside for this purpose.

* Opening of the Greensprings Observatory has been delayed this spring due to exceptional rains and snows, which continue into mid-April.

* Dr. DeMeo was recently invited to undertake drought-abatement operations in Southern France, which along with many other parts of southern Europe, had been suffering under significant dor-haze and drought conditions over several years.  The operations, which ran in mid-March, appeared to trigger a renewed episode of rains and snows over the region. A formal report will follow in the future.

5.  2nd Edition of Saharasia -- If you did not get the word...

For English-Speakers, if you haven't yet got the 2nd Edition of Saharasia, with numerous additions to the already-excellent 1st Edition, it can be obtained via here:
This webpage also provides downloadable PDFs of the 2nd Edition "Preface" and "Update on Saharasia" Appendix article, so you don't have to re-purchase the full book unless you desire.  It also provides summary articles about the Saharasia discovery in English, Spanish, German, Turkish and Greek.  We also seek volunteers who could make French, Polish, Italian and Arabic translations of this same summary article, for internet-posting.

6. About the Growing "Orgone" Nonsense on Global Internet

See here:

7.  Please review our on-line Fundraising Letter...

and respond with a donation if you are able.

8. Due to the high costs of printing and mailing...

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James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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