Tuesday, May 29, 2007

300,000 Muslim Americans Support Suicide Bombing...

An estimated 300,000 American Muslims consider suicide bombing to be
an acceptable thing, with over 100,000 openly supporting Al Qaeda --
and those figures do not include the high percentages which refused
to answer the questions put to them in a recent Pew Research opinion
poll. Of course a large percentage of American Muslims don't support
either al-Qaeda or suicide bombers, and came to the USA precisely to
get away from that madness. But the study of Muslim-American
opinions indicates, the hatred of infidels which characterizes the
mass-murdering going on across Islamic Saharasia is being imported
into the USA in high percentages. Pew Research group which produced
the report is a liberal outfit, and has done its very best, along
with the MSM, to spin the results so as to misportray American
Muslims as overwhelmingly "mainstream American". This view is,
simply, a lie-of-omission. The Pew Research report did not bother to
ask other pertinent questions, such as "Do you support Sharia Law,
polygamy, female genital mutilations, arranged marriages", and such,
which are also central indicators for the overall Islamo-fascist

If you heard the report on the MSM, about how American Muslims are
assimilating into mainstream American society, think again, you have
been deliberately deceived. To my knowledge, only the conservative
Fox News channel carried any criticism of those Pew reports, while
the liberal-left news channels put a smiley-face on them. The
following links provide the original Pew Report, as well as a
clear-eyed review of the actual numbers, looking beyond the
superficial facade of fakery laid thick like plaster over those
numbers by so many in efforts to conceal what they really are telling
us. J.D.



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