Sunday, May 27, 2007

The Bloodthirsty Bastards of Islam

Below is a video link from Qubetv showing the stoning of two women by
fanatically happy Muslim men screaching "Allahua Akbar!" Oh, we all
know intellectually that this goes on. But to see it openly on a
video puts flesh and blood to the matter, quite literally as these
women are torn apart by flying rocks.

What did these women do!? Dress improperly?! Get raped!? Why does
none of this ever reach the MSM, when the same media prints every
nasty accusation, true or not, against the West and USA and Israel?!
They will spend hours going on about an Iraqi terrorist who is
slapped, or when a Koran is touched by a "filthy infidel", or dropped
into a toilet, or when Muslims "are insulted" by cartoons. On all
those counts, and a whole lot more, anyone who complains about Islam
is cast as a bad person, an "Islamo-phobe", someone who
"misunderstands" Islam.

But this outrage documented below, like Medieval burning of women by
the Christians, who properly are chastized for the genocidal crimes
of the old Church leaders and followers, this time showing a Mullah
standing by and giving the "GO" command after which the rocks start
flying, and which happens probably daily in the Muslim world,
including in the cities of our "allies" Saudi Arabia, they will not
touch! They won't even mention it.

So where are the so-called "moderate Muslims"? Why aren't they
screaming protests to stop this cruel and pittiless madness!? Do
they in fact support it, just as the recent opinion polls suggest,
that the majority of American muslims cannot bring themselves to
condemn Osama Bin Ladin, either openly supporting him, or refusing to
answer the question!?

And where are the "liberal" women's groups!? Where are the "human
rights" groups!? Where is that loud and boisterous,
out-in-the-street, quick-to-protest International Fist-Shaking
Sign-Holding Left, and the calmer liberal social establishment?!
They are silent! Or they are simply too busy condemning the "evil
West" and "evil Zionists", to bother taking a look at what's going on
when large groups of Muslim men begin chanting "Allahua Akbar"!


James DeMeo

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