Wednesday, May 09, 2007

**PS** to "Soloway's Transformation"

This note did not transmit correctly with the Soloway item recently
posted, and I believe is worthwhile, even necessary, if one
undertakes to read his full interview:

Soloway overviews his own personal migration from liberal-left
traditions, as a youth of the 1960s student movement, towards a more
conservative and realistic (and accurate) view of the world following
9-11. He is not alone in this transformation, but certainly is one
of the more expressive articulators of the reasons why this happened:
The intellectual bankruptcy and vicious nature of the political left
which abandoned so many of its prior essentials, thereby showings
it's true colors in Red Fascism, rather than authentic liberal
democratic tradition. Read the Soloway interview for quite a good
listing on this, if you are missing the point. But I do wish to note
his cynicism at the end of the interview, or perhaps his "realism" is
a better word, given the near-impossibility to classify the larger
utopian efforts of the 20th Century as anything but a collection of
one horrifying genocide after another. But Soloway appears to know
not of Reich's discovery of human armoring, nor of the biological
core or secondary-layer impulses, principles which have been
systematically erased from or distorted within the usual academic and
intellectual discourse, and which help us to understand why societies
fail, why social-reform movements so often collapse into new
authoritarianisms. Soloway also knows not of the findings in
Saharasia, or of the peaceful period in human prehistory, even as
articulated in the more popular books of Maria Gimbutas or Riane
Eisler -- they, too, along with my Saharasia, are relegated to the
"back of the bus" by modern academics and intellectuals, so this
omission is not particularly surprising. But he is absolutely
correct in articulating a warning to be suspicious of the "Big Lie"
as voiced by those on the Islamified or Stalinized Left, wanting to
chuck overboard the existing forms of problematical social
organization in the Western liberal democracies in favor of
ill-defined and untested, or fully proven-destructed socialistic
sentiments for which only the Mass Grave stands as it's historical
marker. This is especially true regarding the Left-groups who today
are making open political alliances with Islamic terror factions, who
unashamedly voice open Jew-hatred and anti-democratic, anti-Western
language reminiscent of the old "National" Socialists, and for whom
Muslim Brown-Shirts pushing for Sharia Law, and burning 500+ cars
every night as in France, provide the muscle. By contrast to them,
and for all the warts and serious flaws, the post-Civil-Rights,
post-women's-movement modern Western democracies stand a light-year
farther along on the road towards emotional and sexual health. J.D.

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