Thursday, May 24, 2007

World Gone Mad. Mostly NOT in the Mainstream Media

Taking a brief measure of the social temperature, in a World Gone Mad. How much of this appeared on your local news sources?  Not much here.   J.D.

The Future of Europe?  But opinion polls suggest Euros mostly think Americans and Jews are the bad guys!  Whatever happened to "Hail Britania... We will never ever er' be slaves!"

Iran says anti-U.S. policy "bigger than Hiroshima"
Stating exactly what they wish to do.;_ylt=AmaKFKcZ3GvE

But Iranian talk show certain that Hitler was falsely blamed...

The New Feminism of the Pali Death-Cult.

Melanie Philips, on authentic feminism and liberalism, versus Islam.

On Michael Moore's Cuba Trip -- What a Wonderful Medical System!  Reminds me that Cuba also has a nearly 100% literacy rate, though the media and libraries are all controlled, and reading the "wrong book" will land you in the same "top quality medical facility" as the political dissenters.

Greenhouse-Gas Global Warming debunked... again (ho hum).

Here's another GGGW debunking film - a nice rebuttal to Gore, what he all-too-conveniently did not mention in his propaganda flic.  Just shows, if you are a handsome and flashy politician, all the young fashionable people will line up to buy tickets like going to a rock concert, and you'll get all the applause and adoration of the mindless crowds, no matter how totally wrong and fabricated is your message.  But the overweight awkward guy in the rumpled suit gets no respect, even though he has the facts, and is the real truth-teller.  Beware the fashionable handsome fascists.  Caligula was quite tall, handsome and fashionable.  Claudius was a cowed fumbler and stutterer.  If you don't know the difference between them, and what they respectively did, then learn it for a life-lesson.  Grandma used to say "you can't judge a book by its cover", just as true today.  Slick politics is always to be distrusted.

Former Mexico President Zedillo Declares War on America.  "Gringos, Your land is our land!" (in so many words). Exporting impoverished Mexicans to conquer the USA.  Speech at "La Raza", meaning "The Race", an organized group of Hispanic Nazis.

A view of Islam from "bombislam", set to heavy-metal rock music.  I find the music awful, and most of the video quite ghastly and blood-curdling, a real shocker I would normally pass by -- but it is noted here because it starts out with video clips of French Muslims rioting in October 2005, with their screams of "Allahua Akbar", amid bombed, burned-out buses and cars.  Some people claimed this never happened, that the rioting "youths" in France were "economically distressed individuals", and not young Muslims out to punish the dirty infidels in "their" neighborhoods.  Also more pics of Hamas-Hezbollah making Nazi salutes, in honor of the author of the second-best-selling book in the Muslim world (next to the Koran, which very much agrees with the second-best-seller) .  Islam arms, builds, prepares, and revels in blood-gore, but the West mostly sleeps.

Banished Film "Islam vs. Islamists" - Censored by PBS.  Your tax dollars at work to keep you ignorant.

Pali Death-Cult Recruits Jihad-Rat, a Mickey-Mouse Ringer, to Teach Terror, Jew-hatred, America-hatred, Islamist Supremacy to Kids.
And the US State Department will give them money to help spread this filth.

German homeschooling parents threatened with prison, kid sent to mental hospital using Hitler-era laws.  Obviously, if you resist the propaganda of Government Schools and Teachers Unions, you must be insane, and also be punished!

Imagine five white men who kidnap, rape, torture, mutilate and murder a back couple, but the MSM refuses to report even a peep about it... oops, it was the other way around!  I guess they were too busy reporting on Paris Hilton's drunk, Imus' bad-mouth and the Duke LaCrosse team, to bother with this very real and quite horrific crime which violated all PC interpretations of black victimhood.  ("Gee Officer Krupke, I'm depraved on account of I'm deprived!") More evidence that black-racism (black hatred of and violence towards white people) and victimhood ideology is the major racial problem in the USA today. Slavery ended in North America 7 generations and ~150 years ago (except possibly in Dearborne Michigan, if one considers Islamic female sexual slavery).  Black slavery still persists in Muslim Saharasia, but don't tell that to the guys below.

Left-Wing Black Leaders in USA "Going Palestinian" (in support of terrorism?)

Muslim Doctor in Chicago lets Jewish Patient Linger and Die...

Interesting Palestinian Media Watch items on YouTube, so you know what they say about us behind our backs, and to each other:

Likewise, another small group of video clips, mostly quoting and translating from the Muslims themselves, as provided by the "Honest Reporting" group:

UC at Irvine hosts Holocaust-denial, Jew-hate-festival of the Muslim Student's Union.  Non-Muslim students who try to record the hate-speech are ejected, threatened, intimidated by Muslim thugs, and UCI police and dean do nothing but validate the "rights" of the Muslims to intimidate, and hate-speech.  Islamic Brown Shirts, organizing.

John Bolton confronts an arrogant full-of-himself left-wing buffoon BBC reporter.

Neal Boortz on Muslim Selective Outrage.  A hurricane of fresh air on the subject of collective Islamic hypocrisy.

Expose of a Brain-Dead Hollywood Terror-Glorifying Movie "V for Vendetta"

Muslim moderate criticizes terror-supporting, violence-advocating antisemitic Wahhabist hate-speech at a Boston mosque, and is then sued for defamation.

"Only" 25% of Muslim Americans (under 30) believe "suicide bombing to defend religion" is acceptable?!  And 40% believe OBL is innocent.  Doesn't this make you feel so much better about American Muslims?  Only 25% would consider it legitimate to blow up the bus or airplane you and your family are riding on, if it would serve to "defend Islam".;_ylt=ArQ4KPLfQzAxaovPXsls0S6s0NUE

And the beat goes on...

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