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Another World Gone Mad - 24 June 07...

Saharasia Unmasked, Spreading and Growing World-wide... mostly not in your MSM.  The reports from abroad last week were staggering in their quantity and implications, and what is gathered below is hardly 10% of what has come across my desk.

Below are several source articles for the above cartoon, showing photos of the black-mask armed forces of Abbas, Fatah and the Al Aqsas Martyr's Brigade -- can you tell the difference between them and the black-masked head-shooting Hamas guys?  Slow-Jihad versus Fast-Jihad.

While the USA will fund "Team-Fatah", Saudi Arabia will fund "Team Hamas".  Our wonderful allies, the Saudis.  Giving us oil at quadruple the non-cartel price, so long as well give them a few thousand of our citizens to kill every year or so.,7340,L-3414614,00.html

And "Team Hamas" is ready to intercept whatever new weaponry the USA sends to Fatah.  Kind of like funding the SA to fight against the SS.  No matter who wins, everyone else loses.  Great move George.

Our terrorists are better than your terrorists

Fatah Isn't the Answer

Fatah's Torture Chambers... apparently real mutilating torture and executions by the followers of Arafat and now Abbas (Munich massacre architect and Holocaust denier), directed against their own fellow Palestinians, is not so newsworthy as Abu Ghraib or Guantanamo where no such things occurred.,1518,489898,00.html

Hamas gloating over $400(!) million in captured US-provided weapons. But George will give more.  Good money after bad, down the terror rat-hole ...

Savages.  Palestinian Official Praises Female Suicide Bombers, sometimes pregnant, who make "Jews - the brothers of apes and pigs - taste the bitterness of death"

Abu Mazen/Abu Abbas (Leader of the PA, Holocaust denier, and architect of the Munich Olympics massacre of Jewish athletes) will use Western donor money to continue teaching Palestinian kids the Glory of Suicide Bombing, and the importance of killing Jews and Americans.  But relax, everyone has a big smile!  And the EU and UN approves!  Doesn't that make you feel better?

So naturally, Israel's clueless Olmert will also give a half-BILLION to the Abbas Retirement and Jihad Jew-Killer Education Fund.  Ever wonder why the terrorism seem to go on endlessly?

Hamas Barbarians Executed Prisoners in Street "as their wives and children watched."
Shooting unarmed civilians, including pro-Pali Peaceniks and UN workers, throwing others off the roofs of high-rise buildings:  Do you suppose the UN and Hague will hold hearings on this, pass resolutions, demand arrests, etc.?  Unlikely.
Naturally, the BBC Blames "The Jews".

Meanwhile -- Totally Incredible -- Jimmy Carter expresses his admiration for Hamas, during a "human rights" conference in Ireland, blaming America and Israel for Hamas' brutal jihad sadism and murdering.  It is our fault, didn't you know.  Just like when Hitler invaded Poland.  A clue-less idiot in denial over how his own appeasement policies led to Iran's conversion into a terror-state.;_ylt=AkjIoQjHLaS8rO9WQ3UQ_FMUewgF

Carter gets a big thank-you from Iran's thug-o-crats.  Yes, Jimmy, thanks for helping to bring the Ayatollah Khomeini to power.  A "spiritual revolution" is exactly what the world needed.

But Carter is not alone in his admiration for Hamas and Islamic spirituality... New York Times and Washington Post permit jihadi-murder-buddies of Hamas to write editorials...   One can only wish those two newspapers total loss of subscribers and bankruptcy.

Allah Wants More Blood!  Taliban Islamo-Savages instruct 12-year old boy on how to cut the throat and saw off the head of a bound hostage, while other little children are instructed to hold the man's legs.

Taliban Islamo-Barbarians use 6-year old boy as suicide bomber (but he is saved by one of his intended targets).  The Left-Wing Jihad-sympathizing Guardian tries to divert attention, however, by claiming moral equivalence between civilians accidentally killed in a fire-fight during an open war, as opposed to those who deliberately kill civilans and prisoners, and strap bombs onto children.  In this case, the dead civilians were used as "human shields" by the Talibans, and all such deaths fall to their responsibility.,,2109574,00.html

Meanwhile, thousands of Moderate Muslims have taken to the streets, voicing their outrage at such things, and are throwing Saudi-funded Wahhabi fanatics out of their Mosques, saying "American people, we are with you in this struggle against the fanatics":
... Ooops, I must have dozed off.  That was quite a dream!

Syria continues arming with offensive weaponry -- missiles, jets from Russia, etc.  There will be another big one.

James Woolsey has good ideas to share

Hirsi Ali speaks as well,filter.all/pub_detail.asp

And the new female President-Elect of India, Pratabha Patil, tells women in India to "throw away the veil" ... of course, this means MUSLIMS ARE OUTRAGED!!

Is "Old Europe" Re-discovering its Voice and Enlightenment Values?

Probably not.  Spanish gov't tries to out-do everyone in the Muslim foot-kissing contest.

ISLAMIZATION OF AMERICA:  Sharia Law instituted in San Diego Public School -- for Students at least.  Muslim prayers, religious preferences catered to, permitted, while all other religious expression is forbidden...
Muslim Foot-Kissing in Minnesota: Islamic footbaths also to go into Minnesota public community college, at taxpayer expense.  ACLU has no problem with this, as only Christians and Jews apparently are a threat to "church-state separation". (Silly me, the US Constitution says nothing about "Mosque-State Separation".) Already, the appeasement brigades want to construct special "Muslim Prayer Rooms" in the public schools.

Foot-Kissing in Michigan... what's up with all you Northern Midwesterners?  Dearbornistan Girls Forced Under Hijab-Burkas.  Will Michiganers now legalize female genital mutilation and child-betrothal arranged-marriages?   Maybe give Muslims an exemption from the pedophile laws?

Terrorists fund schools in USA

From 400 to 500 Islamic Centers in USA Openly Preaching Hatred, Violence, Terrorism
New Organization "Mapping Sharia Law in the USA"
But "" still carries the best information

Bush Admin. Appoints Pro-Sharia Fanatic with Terror Connections as "Moderate" for U.S. Commission on International Religious Freedom.  WTH are they smoking in the White House!

Meanwhile, in the West... cleaning our own dirty house of the Pedo filth.
30+ kidnapped and sex-abused children rescued...

German TV Documentary on Muslim Alliances with the Nazis with English subtitles... Germans, learn your history, and you will puke that you ever supported the Palestinian cause.

A relic of female sexual slavery...

Two interesting Spanish anti-Red-Fascism/IslamoFascism websites:
O Idiota Latino Americano
Swimming Against the Red Tide

More support for Saharasia:  Italian Patrism Came from Turkey
One of many influences which led to the demise of the early Roman Republic.,1,6315863.story?ctrack=2&cset=true

Hispanic Americans Sell Out to Racist "La Raza" Fascists... for Money.
Latin Nazis:  "Por la Raza todo. Fuera de La Raza nada" --  "For the race, everything. Outside of the race, nothing."  Gringos Aus!

UN Human Rights Council Lifts Cuba to Heaven, Casts Israel Into Hell, Again.
UN may also appoint Gaddafi's Libya to head "anti-racism" committee, where Jews can be more easily demonized.

"Honor" Murders of women in UK on the Increase ... but this lengthy article does not mention which religious/ethnic group is predominant in the dirty deed -- can you guess?  Must be the Eskimos!
Suicide Bomber Teams Sent to USA, Europe.  Item from ABC News, a liberal news outlet which usually pushes the "religion of peace" baloney.  Of course, in the USA since 9-11 and before, we've already had numerous suicide-shooter-bomber incidents, shootings in shopping malls, the DC snipers, LA airport shootings, the shootings at the Seattle Jewish Center, with many, many dead Americans... The open Jihad-war against America was declared years ago, notably by OBL even before 9-11, but the MSM continually calls those incidents "random acts" and often tries to conceal the Islamic-Muslim-Jihad nature of the crimes.

The Religion of Perpetual Outrage is Offended!  ...  Again!  Salman Rushdie Knighted by Queen Elizabeth.  MUSLIMS ARE OUTRAGED!  Who could have imagined!
Jihad Watch has posted some great photos and reports from around the world, as the progressive "Kill Rushdie" social-reform movement increases steam-pressure inside Muslim heads.
See items for 22 June 07.
also here

BBC Admits to "Leftist Groupthink Bias".'trendy+left-wing+bias'/

Not just the BBC...  Here's a great video on Anti-Americanism in Europe.  Revealing.
Also see:

But the BBC Apologizes! ...sort of ...  Not for its left-wing bias, but for daring to accidentally call Jerusalem "the capital of Israel"!  MUSLIMS ARE OUTRAGED!!  (Again)  A profuse Muslim-foot-kissing BBC apology follows.

Australians Sailors More Alert, avoided Iranian capture which caught the British sleeping.

American journalist overwhelmingly support Democrats.. by 90% in recent polls.  They also should have asked, if the same journalists supported Hamas or Fatah (or both).

"Vicious Sheep" Peacenik Vegan Devours Hamburger-Eaters.  High testosterone levels banned.

And didn't we know it all along, that the Evil West is also really to blame for the genocide in Darfur.
(Note on Above: My Saharasia findings in no way support any such rubbish, which elevates climate-change rhetoric above the role of Islamic racist Jihad-hatred of black Africans.)

The ghost of the Euthanasia Hospital walks free within Saharasia.

Robert Spencer "Blogs the Koran"

Muslims in Egypt try to ban kissing

Muslims in India try to ban "cuddling"

Anti-American Hatred Fuels Real Fires on Southern Border

New "Jerk-umentary" on Islam's "72 Virgins".  Crass sex-deprived frat-boy American low-culture meets Osama Bin Ladin.  The frat-boys are idiots, but a better lot than the followers of Angry Little Mo-ham.  (Still waiting for the Monty Python version)

Google + Microsoft + Chinese Red Army = Totalitarianism Perpetuated.  Thanks guys.  Great job.
They will help create the world's largest censorship system for the Chinese head-shooters... but then complain about "censorship" of their "google ads".   Deadly super-rich hypocrites.

Something the USA could/should copy from Britain.  Wish they'd do the same with the Islamic veil.

Black Hooligan Youth-Thug Racism during "Juneteenth" celebrations.  If Abraham Lincoln himself dared to walk in this crowd, they'd smash in his face in for being white.

A Good Week for Terrorists, Bad Week for the Good Guys

An interesting exchange between Tony Snow of the White House, and Les Kinsolving of World Net Daily, one of the only internet-based news journals allowed into the Press Room.  Snow ducks a question which would require him to denounce homosexual activist groups in the USA who support pedophilia.  Nope, can't upset the "gays".  He then ducks another question which would require him to denounce American Muslim groups and spokespersons who support the death-fatwa against Sir Salaman Rushdie.  Nope, can't upset the Muslims.  It shows how the internet journalists push for answers on hot issues which both the Pols and the MSM avoid/evade.

Putin, formerly with the KGB, is clearly a Gulag-Denier.  Sorry, the blood won't wash off.,23599,21953938-38200,00.html?from=public_rss
Gulgag-Deniers in Hollywood also.  Be sure to put a smiley-face on the headstones.

Part of the "why" of this continued series on OBRL.  The American "Rock n'Roll" generation was predominantly live-and-let-live peaceful, but never peace-nik (which is not the same thing -- just ask any gentle silver-back gorilla).  Here's an old 60's Rocker-turned-Radio-Talk-Host.  It seems much of the world want everyone to forget 9-11.  Most Americans will never, especially when the same Saharasian social forces remain so well-organized and enthusiastic to do it again, and again.

Perhaps the watered-down insipid quality of such "snooze" reporting by the MSM is the reason for these:
They still don't get it, the issue is not computer-internet versus print newspapers, but the systematic MSM censoring out of essentials and misportraying world events via a generalized Left-wing pro-terrorist bias, which ordinary people are in a total revolt against.  Case in point: How much of the above made it into your media this week?  It should be headline front-page stuff.

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