Thursday, June 21, 2007

Global Warming, Global Cooling, Global Drought...

While much remains a mystery, droughts more clearly develop from
Saharasian desert-spreading, which in turn drives global warming via
heat-waves in certain regions (while cooling others).

Once more, the Saharasian Desert Belt is overlain by the Saharasian
Dust-Dor Cloud, which shifts and spreads drying influences far and

One can anticipate that as this desert atmosphere spreads, there will
be heat waves in one location, and cool-downs in higher-latitude
regions (from shallow-angle aerosol-reflected sunlight). So it is
not surprising to see so many late-season snows and very cold
conditions, at the same time the global warming hysterics are hosting
international conferences deciding how much money will be taken from
your pocketbooks, to pay for their jetting around the planet, acting

Meanwhile, reasonable science leads to this kind of prediction, which
we hope is wrong as it would truly be catastropic: We should prepare
now for dangerous global cooling.

This would be the consequence of the heat-driven buildup of the most
important greenhouse gas nobody talks about -- water vapor -- which
makes clouds and rain, thereby cooling and adding to snowpack and

Anyone who has read a bit on the "Little Ice Age" will automatically
prefer global warming. See books on this subject in our on-line

Solar activity and cosmic ray abundance (energetics of the near-earth
space) are involved, most definitely, and that is where the whole
climate system interfaces with the orgone energy continuum, a cosmic
substrate through which all these variables act and push.


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