Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Interesting Critique of the Einstein Mythos

Challenging Relativistic Infallibility

With thanks to Sepp Hasslberger of Germany:

At 12:33 PM +0000 06/06/2007, wrote:
((((( Sepp Hasslberger Update: Einstein: Warped Minds, Bent Truths )))))


Einstein's centenary has brought festivities, but also
criticism. Cracks are appearing in what seemed to be Einstein's
firmly cemented reputation as the most celebrated scientist of
the 20th century. Nasa asks whether Einstein was wrong about
space travel and aging, articles critical of Einstein such as
this one on the Brojon website are appearing here and there,
reduced-speed-of-light experiments brought new questions.
Evidence that Einstein may have been wrong is growing according
to Joseph Rybczyk, and David de Hilster is producing a film
challenging the Einstein myth. Now Norwegian researcher Bjorn
Overbye joins the fray with an ironic three-part article
discussing experiments that supposedly support Einstein's
views. When closely examining the evidence, says Overbye, we
see that that the proofs...


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