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More World Gone Mad 16Jun07... Saharasia Expanding... Mostly not on the MSM.

Social Temperature in a World Gone Mad.   Saharasia Expanding, Barbarism on the Rise.  Revealing a global emotional conspiracy against life, love, human freedom and happiness, in favor of the most ruthless throat-cutters and totalitarians, by media, politics and too many ordinary people of the world.


Remembering the 100+ Million Victims of Communist Atrocity. Nobody decent tolerates neo-Nazis spreading their lies and filth into the public for "intellectual discourse", but advocates of communism and Marxism get away with avoiding mention of, much less emphasizing, what their intellectual cousins did with those ideologies.  Does anyone actually believe the "anti-globalist, anti-capitalist" mob in the street would behave differently if they ever got power?  By understanding this, one sees easily why they make alliances with the Islamofascists.

Tiananmen Square Protests, China 1989.  Students and authentic workers pushing for a bit of self-determination, gather around their self-built "Goddess of Democracy" statue and confront a portrait of the world's greatest mass-murderer, Mao Ze Dong.  Within days, these authentic peaceful protestors would be machine-gunned and crushed by Red Army tanks, and their very existence nearly obliterated from public and historical records.

Life in the Worker's Paradise

And for those curious to know what Marx and his early followers really believed about the common man and woman, about slavery, war, despotism, violence, murder, etc., here is where you can get the dirty facts which the modern Marx-followers rarely mention (or which they deny, or often don't even know about).  It is exceedingly unlikely that Reich, or most of the honest reform-minded fighters against European Kingly feudalism and later Black Fascism had any idea what the Red Facist leaders were saying "behind the curtain". Most of them, in fact, got out of the business of political Marxism early-on. Reich wised up quickly, after seeing for himself in the USSR what a bloody mess socialism "in practice" had really become.  Red Fascists, he called them, for good reason.

Nicaragua's Ortega Shows His Real Sentiments: Kissing Muslim foot, and honoring the worst woman-strangler, pedophile and mass-murderer of Iran's recent history.

A "when Hell freezes over" alert: German Cardinal wants to hold Mass in Saudi Arabia,1518,487671,00.html

A Must-See Docu-Video on "What Really Happened in the Middle East?"

Who could have guessed?  Political Islam Correlates with Support for Terrorism.  The more "Islamic" one becomes, the more support is given to terror-murdering of non-Muslims.
YouTube continues to censor/remove anti-Jihad videos, while allowing antisemitic Jew-hatred pro-terror videos.

11-yr old UK girl forced to marry old man... rescued.  250 similar cases every year.  No, these were not Mormons, nor Baptists either.

It appears the Big Mo frequented Arabian porno bath houses.

Iran threatens the West with the oil weapon.  The technological manufacturing nations of the West ought to develop their own cartel, for every kind of product and service going to the members of OPEC.  A 500% surcharge for everything from light bulbs, to cars, to razor blades (oops, they would not need those), to telephones, TV sets, computers, etc.  OTEC - Organization of Technology Exporting Countries. I suspect we can do a lot easier without their oil, than they can do without our peaches, air conditioner parts, automobile parts, light bulbs, computers and everything else imported into hot dusty Saharasia.

The prior Mufti of Australia was canned for calling unveiled women "walking meat" who deserved to be raped.  The new Mufti is a reformer, however, and wants to show everyone how different he is, that "Muslims are peaceful" and can be trusted to become good Australian citizens -- so his first public speech defends the prior "walking meat" Mufti, and denies OBL was involved in 9-11. Wonderful news for the "truthers" and multi-culti Aussies, but they might wish to consider whom they are in bed with.,22049,21891258-5006009,00.html,20867,21890102-2702,00.html
A reporter tries to speak to the Mufti.

Death Penalty Saves Many Potential-Victim Lives, say new studies.  Interesting reversal of prior studies.

Interesting facts and perspectives on black American voting habits -- descendants of slaves voting more for the descendants of their former slave-masters than for the descendants of their liberators.

Western Millionaire Computer Nerds Work with Chinese Communists to Crush Dissent.  Any bets on how many of those guys are also "truthers"?

Mullahs want to kill Iranian actress secretly videotaped en flagrante dilecto.

Pali Death Cult Eats Its Own Children Alive
with help from captured US military equipment - great move, Condie and George, $60 mil of US Taxpayer money poured down the terror rat-hole.
Barbarian Savages. Throat-cutters and head-shooters, carrying "religious books"
A Prelude to More Bloody Times Ahead...
But Condie and George say money will flow again soon, if only the Holocaust-denier Abbas-terrorists can get control over the Holocaust-celebrator Hamas-terrorists...,2933,283275,00.html
Meanwhile, the fanatics of the American Left-Wing are Happy About Hamas' "Victory"
OK all you Politically-Left Women... Put on your Burkas!  Have you been clitoridectomized yet?  Quick, tear up your voter registration card and driver's license!  (I still remember the ANSWER "Peace"-niks shouting in San Francisco "Red, Green, Blue White.... We Support Hamas' Fight!  Red, White, Green, Blue... We Support Hezbollah Too!"  Yes, the liberal-left today supports such hiddeous things as "The Party of God!" Hooded gunmen burning schools and shooting bound captives, hoisting their Korans and AKs in the air... Is the hatred for "capitalism" so great, that even this will be supported?  Apparently so.)

So naturally, many ordinary decent Palestinians flee to the one place where the rule of law prevails, and where they know they are safe from robbers, rapers and head-shooters... To Israel!

Syrians also assassinate with impunity.  Funded by the Iranian Nazi-Mullahs, the world yawns.  Exactly as when Hitler was killing enemies in Europe, marching into Czechoslovakia.

On a more humorous note, a Pali mob swarmed over the now-wrecked home of the dead Yassir Arafat, stealing everything that wasn't nailed down, including his sham "Nobel Prize" medal, and the wardrobe of his living-in-Paris Billionaire widow Suha Arafat.  A small justice, but twenty years late, given how Yassir and Suha robbed the Palestinian people of Billions in dollars, euros and dinars given by the USA, EU, UN and Arab League for building up the infrastructure, but which was diverted into anti-Jew terrorism and Swiss bank accounts.

America's "Terrorist Representative" in Congress, Kieth Ellison (D-Minn) showed his true self by giving a lecture to the Minnesota chapter of CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations), right AFTER they had been named as a "co-conspirator" in providing funds to Hamas through the now defunct "Holy Land Foundation".  An open call has gone out for his resignation.
Only a short time earlier, he gave another speech to the Muslim-American Society, at the same time that group was internet posting materials "discussing waging war against non-Muslims and the murdering of Jews."
Meanwhile, California chapters of CAIR support the "Truthers", as well as Hamas.  Very much like the 1930s German-American Bund, which flew Nazi flags and did the Sieg Heil.

Islamic Enlightenment Alert: 13 Schools Burnt, one Bombed on same day in Thailand.  Overall 200 schools burned and 77 teachers killed since 2004. Parents & Radicals protest "pure Muslim youth" sitting in same rooms with sub-human cockroach infidel Buddhists.

New Book: "Exposing the Real Che Guevara: And the Useful Idiots Who Idolize Him."  Sorry, you guys on the Left, this guy head-shoots children and was an awful savage, Castro's prison executioner, who loved his job.  And by the way was never a "doctor".

Maternal-Infant Bonding and Pre-Natal Care Redefined.  Pali Death Cult Pregnant Mom and Niece Plan "Family Affair" Dual Suicide Jew-Killing Homicide bombings. Planned to sneak into Israel through free hospital visit program.

Mob of Peaceful Spiritual Meditators, Beats, Strips, Tries to Burn Alive the "less enlightened"

Robert Fisk, spiritual cousin of Lord Haw Haw, a UK "journalist" with the left-wing Independent who has repeatedly invented things for various anti-American and anti-Israel screeds, to support his Islamofascist friends. His stories have been widely circulated by the uncritical international media and spread "halfway around the world before the truth could even get its trousers on" (Churchill).  Here's a short accounting:
People forget the history, how Hitlerism and Stalinism were spread by the lies of fascist-sympathizing journalists, without whom their message to demonize Jews, America and the UK likely could not have succeeded.  The catastrophic Black Fascism and Red Fascism of the 20th Century were the consequences.  And it is happening again.

Saudi "Perfumed Barbarian" Billionaire abuses the British court system to have an American-published book "banned in Britain", because it reveals facts about his and other Saudi Royals financing Global Terror

Mugabism in Africa, Crowned Cannibals.

Behold Islamic Justice!  Won't even get 1/100th the MSM coverage of Abu-Ghraib.

And more Muslim terror-suicide bombers in the Philippines, Afghanistan and Thailand, all on the same day... the Saharasian-borderland geography, defined today and over 1000 years by the existence of the Muslim religion, continues to be the most cogent and solid predictor of this sort of thing.

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