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More World Gone Mad 7Jun07... Saharasia Expanding... Mostly not on the MSM.

Social Temperature in a World Gone Mad. Saharasia Expanding,
Barbarism on the Rise. Revealing a global emotional conspiracy
against life, love, human freedom and happiness, in favor of the most
ruthless throat-cutters and totalitarians, by media, politics and too
many ordinary people of the world.


Debate: Christopher Hitchins (author of "God Is Not Great") Versus
an Islam-Apologizing Leftist "On Religion". Hitchins carries the
spirit of the original strongly anti-fascist,
anti-religious-authority secular American Liberalism, which today has
been watered-down by "spiritualized multi-culturalism", and co-opted
by Red Fascist pro-Muslim-Mullah fanatics, both of whom find more
agreeable things to say about Islamic head-choppers than about their
own dramatically freer and vastly more tolerant societies.

The Three Ex-Terrorists Speech at UC Irvine

The Communist Origins of Amnesty (for Terrorists and Dictators)
International. This explains quite a lot, and is no surprise. Why
they are more hate-filled against the USA and Israel, for example,
than against the blood-drenched Red Chinese, North Koreans, African
Mubagists, and Islamists.

Some Suggestions to Prevent Resurgent Russian Stalinism

The "Evil" Border Fence... no, not in Israel, not between the USA and
Mexico, but....

Prince Bandar, buddy of Prez. W. Bush, fingered taking bribes from UK
Arms Merchants. The surprising thing is that anyone is surprised.
Bandar is also a polygamist, an enslaver-raper of women, a celebrator
of Saudi Islamic Imperialism who somehow has misrepresented himself
to the West as a "progressive" of some ilk. It is stunning that any
American politician should shake hands with such a perfumed
barbarian, but such is the consequence of jihad-wealth and petroleum

If you thought Christian creationism was bad (at least some of them
embrace parts of evolutionary principles, but simply reject
problematical natural selection) then you'll really have a wake-up
upon reviewing Islamic creationism. A quantum leap in mystical
fascism. But what can you expect from a culture where Hitler's "Mein
Kampf" and "Protocols of Zion" are top-rated best-sellers.
Interesting to see these supporters-of-child-bombers and
head-choppers claim Darwinism "values conflict". But I'm confused...
I thought they believed Jews were descended from monkeys and pigs...
obviously Islam has figured a way to short-circuit the usual
evolution. Finger of God, and all of that. Maybe they will do the
world a favor, and also reject Western chemistry and atomic science,
so we will only have to dodge their stones and arrows, instead of
nuclear-tipped rockets.

Syrian Islamic Provocations and War-Murder in Lebanon: Background
Syria now openly threatens to attack Israel, in keeping with the
Iranian public statements to "wipe Israel off the map".
Syrian troops deployed on border, appear ready to strike.
Not happy with their proxy forces being defeated, "The Syrian regime
has promised to turn Lebanon into hell" (just like they did with
their own nation).

Another History Lesson: The Muslim Wars Against Israel

60% of UK Muslims Deny Muslims Did the 7/7 Bombings. And if you say
Muslims did it, we will behead you!

Up to 20,000 USA Muslims Practicing Polygamy? (See the 1% figure)
This puff-piece tries to white-wash what is factually the product of
arranged marriages, coercive female sexual slavery and severe
repression of women's basic rights to education and
Fundi Christian Polygamists and Secular Homosexuals, Unite! (Against
Male-Female Love-Bonds)

International Solidarity Movement, which tries to recruit ignorant
liberal Western college students to act as human-shields in shooting
zones between Palestinian militants bent on Jew-killing, and Israeli
defence forces, is now linked to al-Qaeda. No surprise here. Their
goal always was to get those liberal Western kids killed in
deliberately provoked cross-fires, and use their deaths for
propaganda value. Their plans now are to incite violent
confrontations on the USA southern border, by uniting with
radical-racist "reconquista" Hispanic groups.

Kosovo and Bosnia: In the Grips of Intolerant Islam.
Soon to become "The Greater Islamic State of Albania"?

Victor David Hanson on "Global Migration Woes".

Internet media a "Monkey Jungle"? Probably, but the MSM are Monkeys
Wearing Powdered Wigs.

New African Mau-Mau Cult: Beheadings, Female Genital Mutilation,
Genuflecting Prayers to Mt. Kenya. Not all savages are noble.

CAIR, other "Moderate" Islamic Societies, named as co-conspirators in
FBI arrests for funding of Hamas Terrorism. Does this mean, MSNBC
and CNN won't invite CAIR officials to speak on behalf of the terror
factions anymore?

Islamic Party-Time: Drinking Muhammed's Urine a "Sacred Act" -- No
Kidding -- and so is adult breastfeeding. Alcohol may be forbidden,
but there are alternatives...
Less we forget, it was the Ayatollah Khomeini who set down guidelines
on how best to sodomize goats, donkeys and infants. So much for the
claim of "pure Muslim morality".

Pop Quiz: How are these two stories, appearing on the same day, related?

Was al-Qaeda behind the Anthrax attacks in Washington DC?

Open Questions and Alarming Background on Recent JFK Airport Bomb Plot

American Truth Forum: The Threat of Radical Islam is Real

Hollywood To Make Puff Film Glamorizing Mass-Murderer Mao Ze-Dong,
killer of millions.

Genocide Talk-Time: Countdown to Israel's destruction has begun,
says Ahmadinejad.,7340,L-3407915,00.html

Jihadis in Thailand Continue Beheading Buddhists, threaten more
beheadings if Buddhists dare to resist beheadings.

Swiss get it right... Ban on Islamic Minarets (Spy Towers). A symbol
of Islamic dominance... Not necessary for worship.

"La Raza", meaning "The Race" (as in "The Superior Race") extorts
Your Tax Dollars from Compliant Congress. Pay up, or else....

Gaza Pali Death Cult Lover-Boys, not content with bombing internet
cafes, sez they will Cut Women's Throats "from vein to vein", if they
don't stop acting sexy.

They already do this with every captive... "No Prisoners" in Islam,
except for money-ransom. Warning.

Recent NYC terror plot would have blown up JFK Airport's jet fuel
storage tanks, pipelines, and terminals. "Greater destruction than
9-11" plotted.

Prostitution and Sexual Slavery Legal in Islam, via "temporary marriage".;_ylt=Akxc2sHoI11jVOyGp6bTAPhvaA8F

The Islamic Boy Scouts Earn Jihad Merit Badges: 12-Year Old Boy
Praised for Learning to Saw Off the Heads of Screaming Tied-Up
Humans! (complete with obligatory shouts of "allahu akbar" from his
teachers) Anyone willing to hold their breath until "Moderate
Muslims" denounce this?

Can America Trust the BBC? Far too brief to do the subject justice,
but it summarizes the basic theme, of chronic anti-American,
anti-Jew/Israel, anti-freedom rhetoric in favor of left-wing ideology
and Islamo-fascist apologism.

Here's a prime example of BBC Lying to Help the Pali Death Cult

And more along the same line: British Left-Wing Journalists Defend
Chavez Shutting Down the Democratic Opposition Press. These are the
followers of Lord Haw Haw, not Winston Churchill, just as today's
Left in the USA has no resemblance whatsoever to Roosevelt, but more
resembles the German-Americand Bund of that period (the American Nazi

British Islamic Studies Departments Breeding Radical Jihadists. Surprised?

Peace, Love, and Molotovs... "Progressives" Rioting and Smashing
Things for Peace (of the grave) and Jew-Hatred (oops, I meant
Over 400 Cops Injured by flying stones, bricks, molotovs, etc. as the
"love brigades" bear their fangs.

Kids in Amherst learn "Muslim Ways", but no word about when FGM and
Jew-killing will be introduced, or democratic voting abolished.

Muslim Congressman, Kieth Ellison, a Partner to Terrorists

Historical Reminder #498: Multiple Pali Death Cult Partys on 9-11.
They celebrate our deaths, even as they demand jidza
(tribute-payment) from us infidel dhimmis. And we weren't even
invited to the party!
Originally on Yahoo News, but after Yahoo got death-threats, the pics
were removed... but not before other infidels saved them for

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