Monday, June 25, 2007

Validation of Reich's and DeMeo's Findings

One of Wilhelm Reich's early experiments on the bions involved both
heating of materials to glowing incandescence, after which they were
immersed into sterilized nutrient broth materials, or alternatively
boiling and freezing solutions of sterile minerals. In both cases,
life-like and even living organisms developed. We see a similar
process within super-heated waters near to deep-sea hydrothermal
vents, and in natural hot-springs. The following report indicates a
similar process at work regarding frozen "bion water" as contained
within glacial ice and iceburgs.


New publications are now validating DeMeo's "Desert-Drought-Warming"
views, as follows:

* Desert dust cuts mountain snow, may spur warming

* Living in a Dusty World: Airborne Dust as a Key Factor for Alpine Lakes

* Desert dust, mountain snow tied to warming

Of course the thinking behind all these new discoveries is rather
mechanistic, and there's not yet any appreciation of the larger
Saharasian Desert Belt, nor the semi-permanent but shifting
Saharasian Dust-Dor Cloud, which blows here and there out from
Saharasia to create all these droughts and heat-waves everyone is
observing and suffering under.


The following report is problematic. Violence in sub-Saharan Africa
has always been characterized by hot-dry and drought-desert
conditions. But to say that this one facet of the global jihad
genocide against hated infidels is climate-driven in the modern
context is politically-correct rubbish. The article also makes a
false equivalency between those engaged in jihad-attacks and
massacres (the Islamic Janjaweed militias under direct supervision
and orders from Khartoum, which supplies them with weaponry and
air-support as well) and those who are the victims of the attacks
(darker-skin black Africans of Christian, Animist and less-extremist
Islamic backgrounds). By blaming everything on "drought" and
ignoring the social institutions and religious hatreds, it lays the
groundwork by which UN and other international agencies might be
drawn into the region as "helping fight against desertification" even
as the genocides continue. Remember, the jihad hatred continues even
after Islamists move out of the desert regions.

My Saharasia findings indicated, the generation of social violence
from drought-desertification where it lasts over generations. It is
not a one-time deal where people go berzerk killing each other when
food supply diminishes and famine develops. The Islamic Jihadis
committing the massacres are not starving people, but are quite
well-fed. And the boss-men in Khartoum are often overfed, bloated
fat-men lording over harems of kidnapped sex-slaves. Claiming the
catastrope in Darfur is "the fault of climate" is simplistic, and

Again, for background on all these findings, read Reich's original
publications, and also my "Saharasia".

James DeMeo

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