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World Gone Mad... Saharasia Expanding... Mostly not on the MSM.

Social Temperature in a World Gone Mad. Revealing a global
emotional conspiracy against life, love, human freedom and happiness,
in favor of the most ruthless throat-cutters and totalitarians by
media, politics and too many ordinary people of the world.


But let's start with something inspirational...

Another inspirational item, for Americans at least...

And another inspirational bit (of a different sort)

Here's a self-defined Muslim I can agree with, though his fellows
will accurately point out that he is not faithful to Muhammad's
violent teachings: How to End 'Islamophobia'

Another "Moderate Muslim Spokesperson" exposed as a lying fanatic
terror-supporting jihadist, by researcher Steve Emerson. See the item
below on the Pugh Research Poll for more on this.

Pali Death Cult Kindergarden Kids on TV: "Want To Die/Kill For Allah"
- Video. If this is not stopped, then we shall have perpetual

Communists, now having got power in Venezuela via the persona of El
Comandante Hugo Chavez, and who have been slowly wiping out democracy
and freedoms of all sorts, recently shut down opposition newspapers
and TV stations, and yesterday sent tanks and riot cops against
pro-democracy protestors, with roving gangs of red-hat "Chaveztista"
thugs brandishing guns like Hezbollah in Lebanon. They always had
the goal to take power 'by the gun' and to abolish democracy and
freedom. Now that we see it happening more overtly, the left-liberal
supporters of Chavez are either silent, or delighted. How soon until
the mega-prisons, executions of "counter-revolutionaries",
"capitalist pigs", and the mass-graves?

Another Leftist "hero" exposed as a throat-cutting totalitarian thug,
and his followers as corrupted liars or typical "useful idiots".
Alert: Guys like this win all the popularity-contests among the
world's leftists, which is partly why they are also attracted to the
Islamic cut-throats for allies.

YouTube continues to allow violent pro-terror jihad-recruitment
Muslim videos on their website. But when MEMRI or Honest Reporting,
or Palestinian Watch makes English-language translations of those
same videos, showing the hate-speech and open calls for murdering
Jews and other infidels, YouTube will quickly delete those items. So
Jihad-propaganda and hate speech is acceptable if in Arabic, but
"completely unacceptable" if in English where ordinary infidels can
see what vile hatred and violence YouTube is allowing to be promoted.
Or as Muhammed Atta said "Sit down and be quiet, and everything will
be OK!"

Egyptian Woman Defending the Joys of Female Genital Mutilation

Given the above, why should be be surprised to learn, from recent
opinion polls, that there is considerable support for suicide bombers
and al-Qaeda among American Muslims? An estimated 300,000 American
Muslims in fact consider suicide bombing to be an acceptable thing,
with over 100,000 openly supporting Al Qaeda -- and those figures do
not include the high percentages which refused to answer the
questions. (Of course the Pew Research group which produced the
report, is a liberal outfit, and has done its very best, along with
the MSM, to spin the results so as to misportray American Muslims as
overwhelmingly "mainstream American".)

And here is what the phoney "Moderate Muslims" won't talk about, what
the "pro-Palestinian" types systematically evade, and why nobody
should view them as anything but ignoramuses or disinformation agents
for an on-going genocidal Global Jihad. :,4670,DarfurapossMisery,00.html

News Flash: Nazi Party receives cash grants from Queen of England to
pay for upgrading of Third Reich's U-Boat Fleet... (oops, I meant,
the Bush USA Homeland Security Dept. has given big money cash to
Saudi-Funded American Mosques...)

Is Israel an "Apartheid State" as claimed by Jimmy Carter, the Pali
Death-Cult and the Rabid-Dog Left? Hardly.

Open War between Mexican Drug and Smuggling Cartels, and Mexican
Police, now spilling over the "open border" into the USA. "War is
coming to Tucson".

Pick your poison. Some are slightly less toxic than others, or kill
slowly instead of quickly.,4670,IndiaBuddhistConversions,00.html

Bloodthirsty Bastards of Islam - the stoning of two women by
fanatically happy Muslim men screaching "Allahua Akbar!" Already
said my .02 on this, but here it is again if you missed it. Warning.

Radical Jews and Christians Target Girl's Schools for Bombings...
OOOPS, I mean to say Radical "MUSLIMS"....

Islamo-permissive Bush Policy in Iraq allows Extinction of Iraqi
Assyrian Community.

Women's Hell in the Islamic World - Typical Gang-Rape Horror Story from Sudan

US Government's "Winning Muslim Hearts and Minds" TV station,
Al-Hurra, caught broadcasting pro-terror, jihad messages. Like the
BBC giving the microphone to Goebbels at the height of WW-II, the
ignoramuses running Al-Hurra could not speak Arabic, or possibly all
who spoke Arabic were in on the fix. Your tax dollars at work.

Amnesty (for Terrorists and Dictators) International, right down
there with the UN Human Rights (for Terrorists and Dictators)
Commission, and Human Rights (for Terrorists and Dictators) Watch, is
working hard to make the world safe for genocide and totalitarianism.,23599,21788781-1702,00.html

Here's a great expose of Amnesty (for Terrorists and Dictators)
International as produced by the director of "NGO Monitor."

Islam taking firm root in the UK while Brits keep politely asking
them to consider changing course -- but Muslim Polygamists Demand,
and Get Special Permissions no Infidels would ever.

Love-Marriage a Death Sentence in Islam

Systematic and severe torture in Iraq by al-Qaeda, documented in a
special al-Qaeda "torture manual" showing illiterate jihadis how to
do it right. Cutting off body parts, roasting flesh, gouging out
eyes, electric shocks, breaking bones... all the kinds of torture
done by the religion-of-peace fanatics. Warning.

But MSM basically ignores the story -- by contrast they wrote nearly
6000 articles about Abu Ghraib prison scandal, which was exceedingly
mild by comparison this this Islamic Hell-Horror

EU Rules, Pure Holy Muslims Are Not Required to Shake Hands With
Filthy Infidels (and if you touch our Koran, we will behead you!)

More Al-Jazeera Jihad-Propaganda Videos Now On YouTube. Just when
you could not get enough Jew-hatred, scenes of Americans and other
infidels being blown up by suicide bombers, or the Top-10 Sermons on
wife-beating and pedophilia by your favorite Saudi imam, or even the
latest speech by Osama Bin Ladin, here comes YouTube to the rescue.

Saharasia Expansion Warning: Fashionable Western Female Genital
Mutilation. This does not appear to be some kind of
deformity-correcting procedure, but purely for the whim of fashion --
Beyond words...

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