Friday, August 24, 2007

Back In the Saddle Again....

24 August 2007

Dear OBRL-News and OBRL-Quarterly Subscribers

Over the last months, intensive work at OBRL has prevented the usual
email postings and Newsletters. The reasons are simple. I was busy,
busy, busy as a worker-bee on a spring day!

Firstly at OBRL there is a major on-going effort to convert my many
years of 35mm photo slides and VHS/Hi8 videotapes into digital
formats. Other video archive materials on the History of Orgonomy as
donated to the lab in U-matic are also still in the pipeline for
digital transfer and preservation. The job still is not done, but
most of my 35mm slides as often shown during lectures have been so
converted and put into PowerPoint formats.

Additionally, experimental work on To-T and orgone-charged GM
apparatus has continued without a break, over many months. Attention
was also turned to various OBRL educational projects and to my
lectures at two notable international conferences.

Our summer Independent Study seminar went well, and was attended by
around 10 persons. Later, I presented a lecture on my CORE research
(cloudbusting) to the Wilhelm Reich Conference organized by the
Wilhelm Reich Museum in Rangeley, Maine. Shortly afterward, another
conference organized by Peter Jones of CORE (Centre for Orgonomic
Research and Education) was held in Chipping, Lancashire, UK, along
with the weekend event on "New Research In Orgonomy", with more
presentations to a gathering of British and other Europeans
interested in Reich. Lots of public discussions and private
organizational meetings transpired, all geared towards sharing of
vital information, improved long-term development of orgonomic
research, and outreach to the scientific community and larger public.

The presentations given at these conferences by many different
speakers were unique and powerful, with excellent verifications and
applications of Reich's many discoveries: On clinical
orgone-therapeutic work, orgonomic midwifery, my Saharasia findings,
microscopical bion research, the cancer biopathy and orgone
accumulator therapy, agricultural applications of orgone energy, new
methods for orgone energy detection, orgone physics demonstrations,
and CORE research. The Wilhelm Reich Museum has already produced
some email Newsletters describing their events. For the UK event,
and specifically the "New Research in Orgonomy" section, a booklet of
Abstracts is now available as a downloadable PDF, here:

It is hoped that sometime in the near future, a Proceedings will
become available for the full version of these papers, including
those presented at the 2005 "New Research" conference held at the
OBRL Greensprings Center. Future announcements will address that
possibility. The next "New Research in Orgonomy" conference will
take place two years henceforth, in 2009. z

Thanks to all who participated in the OBRL summer program, the Reich
conferences in Rangeley and Chipping, and especially to Kevin Hinchey
and Peter Jones for their intensive organizational efforts, and kind
invitations to speak. A more detailed accounting of these events
will be posted out to OBRL-News and OBRL-Quarterly in our next

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab (OBRL)
Ashland, Oregon, USA

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