Sunday, August 26, 2007

Fascinating Science Links

These various items were recently dusted off from within my inbox, definitely worth to take a look:

1) website recently posted some video clips to several "Gigantic Jets" -- unusual light phenomenon bursting forth from the tops of thunderclouds.

2) Also of interest is how these "gigantic jets" were videotaped.  It is done using a standard ultra-low-light videocamera such as one might get from Supercircuits:

Look for their "Day/Night" or "4th Generation Cameras" which are sensitive across the visible and IR, and can render a good image down to 0.01 lux.  Next, the camera is pointed into the night sky and hooked to your computer, which silently monitors the background.  This is accomplished using a new class of software (as from Sonota Company meant to allow for automatic capture of moving night-time low-light aerial phenomenon.  With such a setup, one can capture things such as these classic thunderstorm "sprites", "gigantic jets", meteors, flocks of birds, satellites, or even UFOs.

3) And while you are at it, an excellent website dealing with the whole class of unusual light anomalies is, or the International Earthlight Alliance run by Dr. Marsh Adams.  If you've ever seen wierd photos and wonder what they represent or if they could have been faked, or what is a genuine anomaly, this is a good place to start.

4) Finally, even if you don't speak German, these YouTube "Banned Doku About Genetic Research" in two parts are a fascinating must -- documentaries of work done on electrical fields and biological systems. Living forms from fish embryos to plant seedlings are made to become more vigorous and lively, in defiance of standard genetics, by simple exposure to strong electrical fields.  The work was sponsored by the CIBA-GEIGY corporation, which sells chemical pesticides and growth hormones for similar purposes.  When their experiments on electrical fields began to show benefits and strong positive reactions, the research program was deliberately ended.  The German documentary interviews several of the key scientists who obviously were upset.  Suggest to review them soon, as one does not know how long they will remain on YouTube.



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