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American 9-11 "Truthers" the New Holocaust-Deniers

See the movie on the Saharasian Islamo-Nazi troofers presented in the most recent Frontpagemagazine.com! They and the leftist troofers in the US are the new holocaust deniers. Its the most drastic expression of EP and sheer *evil* one might imagine!

Debunking Racist 911 Jewish Conspiracies


also some of this is on YouTube (at least temporarily)


Thanks Peter,

This is an excellent video, and I hope all who read my email on OBRL-News will take a look at it.
It tracks some of the more explicit components of the 911 "truther" lies, how they got started, the role of the Islamic-fanatics in spreading them, and how the radical leftists in the West are picking up those rancid ideas and spreading them further.  I've had numerous debates with people holding such views, and almost always, the ugly spectre of Jew-hatred lurks in the background -- often pulled out for public display after all their other arguments have failed to hit pay-dirt -- or sometimes it is flagrantly dancing right out in front.  Certainly the leadership of the "911 Truth Movement" are outright liars and scoundrels, political extremists and friends with the terrorists.  To advance their political agendas, they would sell out their neighbors, and supporters, into Islamic slavery.

Consider this recent MEMRI report on the open economic warfare of the Islamic world against everyone else, but specifically America, which they properly view as their greatest obstacle to world domination:  "The Battle... Is Economic Rather than Military" - An Economically Oriented Concept of Jihad Emerges in Islamist Discourse


More good reasons for the world to rid itself of petroleum addiction. They hate our guts, want us all dead or as slaves, and will use every method of deception and foul murder to achieve those goals.

But I would argue, like so much else, this problem is the worst within Saharasia, and then dilutes with geographic distance from Saharasia.  Just as Europe has more Muslim immigrants than North America, so Europe suffers under this kind of Islamo-fascist propaganda as compared to the USA or Canada.  I know from experiences and reading of opinion polls, that the 9-11 "truther" lies are very popular in Europe, but less so in the UK (which also suffered terror attacks) and even less so in the USA.  One also finds the left-political parties in declining power as one moves across the same geographical territory, which as I showed in my book "Saharasia", parallels a whole series of social sex-economic reforms -- which were always more benign or progressive in the USA and UK than as seen on Continental Europe, or especially Eastern Europe and the Balkans which rose toward democratic social structures only very recently in history.  While the 911 "truther" material is given some serious viciousness among the Muslim populations of Saharasia -- they mostly celebrated 911 and want more 911's, even while saying "Bush did it" -- this also is a big problem in Europe, where anti-American and anti-Israel propaganda dominates in the news media, and where high percentages of people believe the 9-11 "truther" lies.

In the USA, mostly such people are discredited, even among those who are highly critical of Bush or the Bush Policies for other reasons.  Take a look at the pictures from this recent "911 Truth-Squad and Peaceful Festival", for example -- all the usual suspects were out in full colors!  Gawd help us all if these people ever got real political power.


But I could never feel threatened by these groups.  Remember, this is Wacky-ville USA, otherwise known as San Francisco, and not "mainstream USA". For such a large city this really isn't such a large gathering. The fact is, most ordinary Americans don't pay too much bother with political extremists of either bent, except not wanting them in power, which is why we rarely have election-related violence, and when it does occur, it is mostly very mild things, like vandalism of opposition signs.

Also beware of the opinion polls in the USA regarding the percentages of people who "believe 911 was an inside job" are also biased in the way they get reported.  The polls I saw merely asked "do you believe the government has revealed everything it knows about 911"?  Or "Do you believe the 911 Commission Report was accurate?"  Which means, a lot of people like myself would say "no" and also were critical, because we wanted more details included about the role of Saddam Hussein and the Saudi Princes in the 9-11 attacks, about Iraqi intelligence operatives known to be involved in the first WTC bombing, and maybe also in the OK-City bombing, and 9-11 as well.  So it is not accurate to say that any significant percentage of Americans believe this nonsense.  But I could be wrong... maybe tomorrow will come some new information or opinion poll.  Certainly a lot of this stuff now creeps into the press, as voiced by Hollywood-types and a few fringe politicians.

While it is hard to take the Wacky-ville mob seriously about anything, in fact the more political elements within the radical groups do pose serious problems, if only because they have many friends in Hollywood and the mainstream news empires.

Here, for example, is a series of photos (also not on your MSM) of a recent "Muslim Day" parade in NYC.


See the 9 September entry.  These people are quite a bit more sinister, obviously.  Now, these are the serious fanatics one should watch out for, the woman-beaters and slavery advocates, jihad-murderers just waiting (by their own words) until they breed enough Muslim teenage boys to start terrorizing neighborhoods and burning infidel cars regularly.  To run the infidels out of the city -- as they do in the hundreds of "no go zones" across Europe where policemen and the government have basically given up sovereignty to the Sharia Lords of Mecca. A similar process is already underway in a few USA Muslim enclave districts, as in Detroit and Dearborne, but not anything so dramatic as what's happening regularly in Europe.  The Left-wing supports Islamic agendas, of course, as per their political alliances.  They helped make massive immigration from Muslim lands possible via "multicultural" policies, even if they had to sell-out every Western freedom, and their own female relatives, to do so.

But the good news is, ordinary Western people are not all imbeciles and most are quick learners.  They can see what's going on even if most politicians, Hollywood actors and journalists can't (or won't due to Islamofascist sympathies).  This is the major reason why most print-newspapers and the major TV news "empires" (CNN, CBS, NBC, ABC, Etc.) in the USA are slowly going bankrupt and losing market-share.  The same, I am informed, is happening in the UK with respect to the BBC, which for a long time has been taken over by anti-British Socialists and Islamists.  Their credibility is today shot-to-Hell, as with the recent CNN Jew-hatred Islamofascist propaganda by Christiana Amanpour, on "God's Warriors" -- it attracted a lot of viewers, but at least half of them were deeply upset with the outrageous lies being spread, comparing a handful of Christian or Jewish terrorists -- who always were put into prison cells -- who perpetrated maybe a half-dozen mostly mild or thwarted actions over decades, to the literally thousands of Islamic terror actions every year -- over 9000 in fact since 911 -- and for which in most cases the average Muslim only "danced in the street" after hearing about them, with Muslim leaders the world over calling the dead murderers "martyrs".  The CNN propaganda also compared Christian or Jewish bible classes, heavy with the Golden Rule and restrictive Ten Commandments, to the Pali-death-cult indoctrination of little kids to "kill the infidel" jihad.  Islam has no "golden rule" nor any appreciation for "thou shalt not kill", except as it relates to other Muslims.  See here for the critiques:


While "unrelated", the CAMERA organization has another excellent article correlating Western aid to the Palestinians with the number of Palestinian homicides (attacks against Jews and fellow Palestinians).


With a one-year lag after funding, the number of homicides has a strong correlation to funding received.  The moral being, if you want to end Palestinian terrorism and save Palestinian lives, stop giving them money.

Whatever, alternative news networks (internet, Fox/cable news, talk-radio) have proven to be a potent counterweight against such MSM distortions as noted above from CNN, especially in revealing the many outright lies, and lies-of-omission of the "911 Truth Squads" and "Friends of Islam" (or "Friends of Stalin, Mao, etc.").   It is why movies which feature the Hollywood traitors to freedom -- the ones who spoke with hatred against America even after 911 and glowingly about Saddam Hussein, or flew to Baghdad to give him a big hug and slobbering kiss, even as he was filling mass-graves with machine-gunned Kurdish, Shiite and Marsh Arab women and children -- today their movies regularly bomb (figuratively) at the American movie theaters.  Ordinary people no longer care about their "acting abilities" but simply are fed up with films re-writing history in favor of totalitarians, and don't like anyone making excuses for Islamic fanatics who have repeatedly killed their friends and neighbors.  Especially having imbecilic Hollywood actors wagging fingers in the face of ordinary Americans, about critical world events -- be it Muslim terror or global warming -- is not too far from Britney Spears giving lectures on cosmology.

Again, I reference as always the websites debunking the "troofers" as given on the right-hand side listing at the OBRL-links page:


Not one aspects of their claims holds up to serious scrutiny, and their deeper motivations and political agendas are quite clear for everyone with open eyes to see.

The "Truthers" do provide added intellectual propaganda which can be exploited by a dangerous new fascist social movement -- but it would appear this is mostly happening in the Muslim communities around the world, and secondarily within non-Muslim Western populations dominated by one or another shade of Marxist-Socialistic ideas.  It hooks into pre-existing ideas about the "evil Jews" or "evil Americans", "evil capitalism", etc., and fits well also with the false revisionist history as provided by authors like Chomsky, Zinn, etc.  That Osama Bin Ladin recently recommended everyone to read Chomsky's books, as did Hugo Chavez previously, should be telling -- shared America-hatred and Jew-hatred among them all.  Some of this was already addressed in my essay "Masters of Deception".

Best wishes,

James DeMeo

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