Sunday, September 09, 2007

Another Extremely Brave Woman...

...Exposing Islamic extremism in Europe at risk of her life.  Seems European women have most of the testosterone these days...  Well worth the review and be sure to see the YouTube posting.


Remember, Adolph Hitler told everyone exactly what he had in mind for Europe in his "Mein Kampf" book, well before ascending to power via the democratic process.  The Islamists are also telling everyone, well in advance of their ascending to power, not so much by democratic voting, but by "ruling the streets" in Islamic enclaves where the Mosque and Mullahs are the dictators, and the "youth" gangs under their control act as the Western "religious policemen".  Yes, Muhammed also told everyone in advance, about his goal for world conquest and mass-murder, in his "Mein Kampf" -- otherwise known as the Holy Koran.

Oh... sorry Europeans, didn't mean to disturb your sleep....

For those already awake, here's another interesting weblog for your list.  Lots of goings-on in NYC covered, both hopeful and wacky.  No, your local mainstream media did not cover most of this material.

And here's an insightful pre-9-11 remembrance essay by Mark Steyn (author of "America Alone", also recommended).  Let it never be said the Americans lagged behind the Euros in the denial, self-loathing and evasion-of-the-essential department.

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