Sunday, September 09, 2007

Islam in Europe - U.S. is Next!

From Acharya S... her words are true enough and the video is "spot
on" as the Brits might say. What's happening in Europe is also
taking place in the USA as well.


Hi there -

This video is a MUST SEE by the British voice of reason, comedian Pat
Condell. Pat is not particularly funny in this video, nor are the
statistics that accompany it.

Months ago, Pat told me that he was going to lie low because of all
the death threats he had received from Muslim fanatics after his
previous, FUNNY videos criticizing the overwhelming of British and
European culture by Islamic "values" such as honor killings, polygamy
and special treatment in public schools and elsewhere. Apparently,
the situation remains SO bad that Pat could not stand idly by but
needed to renew his battle to save British culture. A brave man,

This video is fairly new and addresses the spinelessness of the
European leaders - in particular Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans,
who has BANNED a 9/11 remembrance gathering in that city, so as not
to offend Muslims there. (Lest anyone wish to regale me with 9/11
conspiracy theories absolving Muslim involvement, the fact will
remain that Muslim clerics are THEMSELVES gleefully claiming Muslims
attacked the WTC buildings, calling them the "magnificent 19 martyrs
for Allah," and are using 9/11 to incite more violence and terrorism.
9/11 WAS an "inside job," because we have fed these fanatics' coffers
with our billions upon billions in oil money that they are now using
against us.)

Muslim activists in Belgium and many other parts of Europe are
fervently attempting to implement Islamic or sharia law, a very
barbaric code that includes beheadings, stonings, hangings, honor
killings, limb amputations and assorted other mayhem that civilized
people do not want to see in their streets.

The situation in Europe is reaching a crisis, and Islamist clerics
have stated that they WILL see sharia law implemented, by choice or
force. There are over 700 Muslim enclaves in France where the police
will not go - meaning France now essentially has a Muslim state
within its borders. Germany has evidently legalized polygamy - for
Muslim men ONLY. German citizens are prohibited from complaining
about the noise coming from the many mosques there, with obnoxious
calls to prayer five times a day. European authorities have their
hands full with honor killings, female genital mutilation and gang
rapes of uncovered women. And so on, ad nauseam.

I encourage one and all to listen to Pat Condell's videos - I believe
the one below is the latest, but there are several others -
especially the ones concerning Islam in Europe, as, again, the
situation is reaching a boiling point. It is estimated that within
20 years, native European populations will be in the minority.

Thank you for your attention to these important matters.

Acharya S

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