Friday, September 14, 2007

KSM: "I was responsible for 911, from A to Z"

More nightmares for the "Truthers".  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed not only confessing for 911, but the beheading of Daniel Pearl, involvement in the Bali bombings, and attempts to assassinate both President Clinton and the Pope during their visits to the Philippines.  This new confession is actually a followup to an earlier boasting confessional made by KSM and his lieutenant Ramsi Binalshibh to an al-jazeera reporter at a time when they were still on the run, before they were captured.  That confessional was detailed in several articles, and in the book "Masterminds of Terror" by Fouda and Fielding, which is still available at the OBRL bookstore.    J.D.


Pentagon Releases Audio of Khalid Sheikh Mohammed Testimony,2933,296695,00.html


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