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The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam

The pot begins to boil, as truth emerges about the seething anti-sexual rage within the Islamic world, which shapes and colors its every belief and action... also see the second item below.  Go to the originals for the imbedded weblinks.  The video noted below is a must-see, but prepare yourself.  Not for the faint-hearted.  Neither was my "Saharasia", which put geographical and historical certainty to this same issue.



The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam | Monday, October 22, 2007

The new video from the David Horowitz Freedom Center, The Violent Oppression of Women in Islam  is a graphic, nightmarish, and profoundly unsettling glance into the darkest recesses of our fellow man. Narrated by Nonie Darwish, this film accurately depicts the dehumanizing theology, brutal abuse, and degradation that comprise the daily lives of millions of women in the fascist portions of the Islamic world -- arcing like a crescent from sub-Saharan Africa, through Iran, to north-central Asia and reaching into hidden pockets of the United States. These acts include the honor killing of a seven-year-old girl, beheaded for having been the victim of sexual abuse;  gang-rapes, occasionally perpetrated by family members, to punish women who refuse to wear the hijab; the regular marriage of grown men to nine-year-old girls, in imitation of Islam's founder, Muhammad; genital mutilation of infant girls to destroy their sexual pleasure and objectify them as outlets for the gratification of man's lust; the widespread, often public practice of wife-battery, a practice justified by the Koran; public stonings for violations of Shari'a law; and sadly, much, much more.Taken together, the images of this video are a grotesque and disturbing assault on the integrity of women. Under no circumstances should they be viewed by children.

However realistic the film, it is immeasurably less grotesque and disturbing than the daily lives of millions of women subject to Islamo-Fascist regimes. Only the insulated nature of the Islamic world, and the silence and acquiescence of Western feminists, allow this situation to continue. This silence is the greatest hope of Islamo-Fascism and the primary reason
Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week is vitally needed: to end this misogynistic tyranny and allow all the world's inhabitants to experience the miracle of human dignity. This is precisely why there has been such a massive outcry against Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week. The national campaign to censor or subvert this educational program has involved the entire spectrum of enemies we face -- Islamo-Fascist theocrats on the extreme "right" to the Revolutionary Communist Party on the radical Left, both charter members of the Unholy Alliance that sees the United States as the world's Great Satan. Between the two poles are aspiring mainstream Arab "civil rights" organizations that apologize for terrorism and the theocratic strongmen who finance it.

To combat the horrors of this video, relieve the suffering of millions of Arabs worldwide, and alert Americans to the nature of the enemy, Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week
commences this week, hosting 37 separate events or panelists on 26 college campuses. Nationally known experts, such as Robert Spencer and David Horowitz, will detail for thousands of college students the comprehensive assault on the human person Islamo-Fascism embodies. Events include:

   *       Brown University
        *       Robert Spencer - 25th, 7pm, Salomon Hall 101
        *       Cal Poly San Luis Obispo
        *       Greg Davis - 24th, 7:30pm, Phillips Hall
        *       Clemson University
      *       Mike Adams - 25th, 7pm, Hunter 100
      *       Columbia University
     *       David Horowitz - 26th, 12pm, Lerner Cinema
      *       panel with Phyllis Chesler, Ibn Warraq, and Christina Sommers - 24th, 8pm, Math 203
     *       DePaul University
       *       Robert Spencer - 22nd, 7pm, Cortalyou Commons
   *       Dartmouth
       *       Robert Spencer - 26th, 7pm, Dartmouth Hall room 105
     *       Emory University
        *       David Horowitz - 24th, 8pm, White Hall 208
      *       Lawrence University
     *       Jonathan Schanzer - 24th, 7:30pm, Youngchild Hall
       *       George Mason University
*       Luana Saghieh and Alan Nathan - 22nd, 8:30pm, Johnson Center Cinema
     *       George Washington University
    *       Michael Ledeen and Daphne Patai - 22nd, 10am, Mt. Vernon Campus, Eckles Auditorium
      *       David Horowitz - 25th, 8pm, Marvin Center
       *       Penn State University
   *       Rick Santorum - 23rd, 8pm, 119 Osmond
   *       Princeton
       *       David Horowitz - 16th, 8pm, McCosh 10
   *       Pepperdine
      *       Tammy Bruce - 22nd, 7pm, Student Lounge
*       SFSU
    *       Brian Sussman - 24th, 12pm, Jack Adams Hall
     *       Temple University
       *       Rick Santorum - 24th, 8pm, Student Center 218
   *       Tufts
   *       Daniel Pipes - 24th, 7pm
        *       Tulane University
       *       Ann Coulter - 22nd, 7pm, McAlister Auditorium
   *       UC Berkeley
     *       Nonie Darwish - 22nd, 7pm, Evans Hall 10
        *       UC Santa Barbara
        *       Dennis Prager - 25th, 7pm, Girvetz 1004
*       UCLA
    *       Cyrus Nowrasteh - 23rd, 6:30pm, Moore 100
       *       Nonie Darwish - 24th, 7pm, Haines 82
    *       Joe Kaufman - 25th, 7pm, Moore 100
      *       University of Miami
     *       Cyrus Nowrasteh - 24th, 7pm, Whitten University Learning Center
*       University of Pennsylvania
      *       Rick Santorum - 24th, 5:30pm, Hillel-Steinhardt Hall
    *       panel with Daniel Pipes, Dr. Stephen Gale, and Ed Turzanski - 22nd, 7pm, Huntsman Hall
  *       University of Rhode Island
      *       Robert Spencer - 24th, 7pm, Memorial Union Ballroom
     *       University of Washington
        *       Michael Medved - 25th, 7pm, Smith 120
   *       University of Wisconsin, Madison
        *       David Horowitz - 22nd, 7:30, Wisconsin Union Theater
    *       USC
     *       Ann Coulter - 24th, 6pm, Annenberg School of Communication - G26

More then 100 years ago, the book Uncle Tom's Cabin exposed the indignities of chattel slavery. The educational events of Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week modestly seek to enlighten the nation's youth about the incalculable costs of Islamic extremism. Silence is Islamo-Fascism's greatest ally; after viewing this film, every incensed conscience will scream that silence can no longer be tolerated.


Freedom-hating Stalinist student groups continue trying to blockade public free speech exposing this global problem, in alliance with their fellow freedom-hating Islamofascist buddies.  Islam is a "religion of peace", and if you don't agree, we'll behead you! 

The historical analogy here is when outspoken abolitionists began speaking out against black slavery, to halt its spread and eliminate it, that the slave-runners, slave-owners, and slavery advocates all rose up in angry indignation, and heaped abuse upon the heads of anyone who dared to speak the Awful Truth.


Media, Students Mobilizing in Favor of Islamofascism
Mon, Oct 22, 2007 at 10:49:14 am PST

As Islamofascism Awareness Week begins at campuses across the US, the mainstream media and the leftist-Islamist axis are going on the attack.

At Columbia:
Not in Our Voice.

Islamo-Fascist follies.

Islamo-Fascism very racist concept.

Penn State:
Muslim Student Association's Response to Islamo-Fascism Awareness Week.

Washington state:
Local Muslims upset by UW campus event.

Wisconsin: 'Islamo-Fascist' moniker meaningless.

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