Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Wildfires in Southern California

Fires burn 1,300 homes, threaten 72,000 more

Writing this reaction from the airport in Europe, just learning the magnitude of this disaster.  What a crying shame, one cloudbuster on the beach, drawing from the ocean overnight, and the sea-breeze with moist air would be restored, and the fires out shortly afterward.  We did this in Oakland, California in 1991.  Several contacts in S. California earlier in the year firstly wanted to help organize something against the prolonged SW drought, then curiously went silent or backed away in mid-discussions. I was scheduled to fly in and meet with a mayor or two, give them a power-point presentation on my work in drought-abatement, all the successful experiences over 30 years... but apparently interest waned.

Similar wind-reversal operations were done during severe firestorms along the Australian coast.... but who wants to hear about it.  The desert expands and pushes towards the ocean waters, but it won't be analyzed functionally, bioenergetically.  Everyone will point to a hundred different reasons, but the foundational causes will be ignored.

Nearly nobody takes it seriously until the flames are licking at their heels. Or they are overwhelmed with ordinary problems of daily life in the armored world.  This fire is so fast-developing, and may become California's "Katrina" -- let's hope not.  In Oakland, we were right there, within some hours after the fires began to spread on the first day, and had the cloudbuster set up by early evening.  That night, under influence from the cloudbuster, the Santa Anna winds stopped, reversed direction, and the morning saw fog and sea-breeze with light rain, allowing the fire-fighters to complete their difficult task.  The report on that was published in our journal, but authorities in California treated the findings with contempt and ridicule.
* DeMeo, James: "Weather Anomalies and Nuclear Testing: The Oakland Wildfires of October 1991", Pulse of the Planet 4:117-120 1993.

All the "Drought Emergency Task Force" and "Governor's Water Board" experts and "Water District" bosses and consultants were hardly able to contain their enraged laughter when we tried, repeatedly, to gain some small support for our efforts, often merely just a permission to set up our equipment on a critical location along the water's edge.  But they would have none of it.  That's why we moved to quiet and friendly Oregon, out of the California rat-race of social arrogance and emotional immobility.  Today, the police would be guarding the water reservoirs and beaches, keeping out strangers, so it might not even be possible to do our work by stealth, "unofficially", as was done so casually in the pre-911 environment.

By analogy, the authentic followers of Reich's work on the weather issues are like physicians who know an epidemic is created by a contaminated well, and that if only people would stop drinking water from that contaminated well, the epidemic would end.  Often, they can go an shut down those wells, or clean them up -- by analogy to the atmospheric stagnation, and use of the cloudbuster like atmospheric acupuncture. But in this case, we have decades of bad experiences where society turns its back on the solutions by which it could be saved.  So more fire destruction seems inevitable.

I also fear, there must be dozens of nature-hating pot-smoking freaks in Southern California all setting up their "chembusters" without knowing the cloud-clearing effects also set up a semi-permanent aridity in the atmosphere.  Or they know this from my published warnings, but with arrogant hatred against Reich's original findings, refuse to consider the warnings might be true.  Or they are of the arson mentality.

Oh, humanity.  What is to be done.

James DeMeo

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