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"Infectious HIV" Is STILL Not the Cause of AIDS

It wasn't the cause in the 1990s, and still is not today, and is not even an infectious disorder, despite all the hype.

A new article recently appeared, confirming big problems in the getting everyone to swallow the hype, downgrading the typically hysterical UN Aids statistics:

U.N. to Cut Estimate Of AIDS Epidemic
Population With Virus Overstated by Millions
The United Nations' top AIDS scientists plan to acknowledge this week that they have long overestimated both the size and the course of the epidemic, which they now believe has been slowing for nearly a decade, according to U.N. documents prepared for the announcement.
AIDS remains a devastating public health crisis in the most heavily affected areas of sub-Saharan Africa. But the far-reaching revisions amount to at least a partial acknowledgment of criticisms long leveled by outside researchers who disputed the U.N. portrayal of an ever-expanding global epidemic.
The latest estimates, due to be released publicly Tuesday, put the number of annual new HIV infections at 2.5 million, a cut of more than 40 percent from last year's estimate, documents show. The worldwide total of people infected with HIV -- estimated a year ago at nearly 40 million and rising -- now will be reported as 33 million. ...
"There was a tendency toward alarmism, and that fit perhaps a certain fundraising agenda," said Helen Epstein, author of "The Invisible Cure: Africa, the West, and the Fight Against AIDS." "I hope these new numbers will help refocus the response in a more pragmatic way."

The new "revelations" aren't new, however, and are limited in scope. The original and most authentic critics of the WHO still remain silenced and censored out of the discussion.

Below is reproduce a congratulatory letter I sent to President M'beki of South Africa in the year 2000, after he refused to go along with the claims of the American CDC and UN-WHO to bankrupt his nation by spending billions on untested toxic medicines, to treat people who they claimed were going to die by the millions.  It never happened, and still isn't happening, as the WHO and CDC have basically been pulling numbers out of thin air to justify their expensive and deadly program of global anti-sex hysteria.

Some of this is now breaking into science journals and mainstream news reports -- after more than 20 years of public lying about and censorship of critical experts such as Dr. Peter Duesberg, author of "Inventing the AIDS Virus" and many other authors of books and papers on the subject.

Below also is a letter from an African doctor who had a clash with Dr. Peter Piot, head of the WHO, important because Piot is today being exposed for pushing phoney numbers of all sorts.

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James DeMeo


20 March 2000

"Infectious HIV" Is NOT the Cause of AIDS

Dear President Mbeki,

You are fully correct to be skeptical of the claims of the American Centers for Disease Control (CDC), and World Health Organization (WHO), both of which continue to misrepresent the facts regarding the epidemiology and science regarding AIDS.  Both of these organizations also continue to engage in bald censorship and scientific misconduct regarding AIDS research, notably in the willful silencing of dissenting scientific opinion regarding the claimed role of HIV in the causation of AIDS, and regarding the purported infectious nature of HIV, and the supposed "benefits" of mainstream AIDS-treatments such as toxic AZT.  They have condemned a high percentage of Africans according to this philosophical construct of circular reasoning, lacking in foundational support at nearly every key point in their argument. 

By contrast, there is a very reasonable and growing body of evidence, from physicians and research scientists in the USA, Europe and Africa, challenging the prevailing wisdom that HIV is the cause of AIDS, or that it is even an infectious malady.  It seems, this is not a proven case at all, and even the very existence of HIV is now under a cloud of suspicion, given the absence in any publication of a single photograph of pure HIV isolate as made from a density-graident band.  Even the feuding co-discoverers of HIV, Gallo and Montagnier, have never published such a photo, though supporters of HIV theory have managed to silence criticism on this and other important matters, which remains a major scandal in the sciences. This is in addition to significant evidence from other directions that the tests for HIV, Elisa and WB, are now known to cross-react with antibodies to dozens and dozens of better-known and more "ordinary" diseases which a person might be suffering from -- antibodies to malaria, TB, and leprosy, for example, are known to cross-react with the "tests", as are the healthy maternal antibodies found in breastmilk itself.  In fact, it is not an exaggeration to say, that the whole structure of the "HIV" argument, for explaining widespread "acquired immunological deficiency" has already crumbled into the dust.  The only reason this is not more widely known today, is due to the $7 billion spent annually on the gigantic "AIDS research" and pharmacy infrastructure which continues to act like a decapitated dinosaur, thrashing about from nervous energy -- it is expected to continue thrashing about for many more years, until the word finally reaches the general public and, from there, to the politicians.  Given the very large scientific questions which exist about the HIV theory, I hope you can appreciate the questionable validity of giving full support to an hypothesis which so dramatically condemns healthy people merely carrying a malaria antibody, or sick people struggling with parasites and malnutrition, or even mothers and babies whose systems are typically flooded with antibodies during and after pregnancy.  Antibodies have never by themselves been an indicator of risk, except with the claimed super-virus HIV, which if it exists at all, occurs in such tiny amounts it must be magnified by PCR methods, suggesting its biochemical significance is next to nothing.

As the next International AIDS Conference gets underway in a few days in South Africa, please do what you can to open up the issue to professional scientists critical of the "infectious HIV" theory of AIDS -- such as Dr. Peter Duesberg (author of "Inventing the AIDS Virus") and Dr. Kerry Mullis (inventor of the pcr methods currently abused in AIDS testing) and others in the "Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV Hypothesis of AIDS".  Don't be pressured or fooled by the prophets of AIDS doom, as the overwhelming majority of health problems in Africa are the consequence of maladies very well-known to most African physicians, long before the era of AIDS, and are not the product of some new "super-virus".

To emphasize the corruption presently at work within the very top levels of the WHO AIDS programme, I post below some materials which should be of central interest to you. Specifically is the attached article by Dr. Michael Mulugheta of Asmara, Eritrea, who had a prolonged encounter with Dr. Peter Piot, head of the WHO AIDS programme, which by any rational account should have forced a complete halt to the current AIDS program and investigation of Dr. Piot.  Dr. Mulugheta also discovered a possible biochemical linkage between maize-based "home brew" alcoholic beverages widely consumed in Africa, to yet another cross-reaction on the "AIDS tests" -- such alcoholics surely get sick, and are often given an inappropriate diagnosis of "AIDS", but recover if kept away from the alcohol.  In a similar manner, I know of patients in Africa who presented the symptoms of malaria, but who were diagnosed as having "AIDS" based upon the tests, and so were sent to an AIDS ward to die, not being treated for malaria or anything else as the expectation was, AIDS is incurable -- they refused the AIDS diagnosis, however, left the hospital and recovered completely when malaria medicines were administered by an HIV-skeptical physician, and you can ask Dr. Mulugheta and other HIV-critical physicians about this if you wish.  The director of the AIDS Program in Eritrea acknowledged to me privately, that he cannot rebel against the WHO, as there is too much money coming to them for laboratory equipment from WHO which can be diverted to other non-AIDS purposes, and so they are fearful to be "cut off" from the support if they dare speak a dissenting word. This situation is probably similar in most other African nations -- if you offend the WHO, you are cut off.  Dr. Mulugheta's article is basically a "whistleblower" report, most easily understood from the perspective of $7 billion being spent each year on intensive care to keep alive the bleeding dinosaur of "infectious HIV" AIDS orthodoxy -- this bleeding dinosaur in fact provides an enormous gravy-train for "AIDS research" and also for the gargantuan pharmacy industry.  Naturally, under such circumstances, the whistleblower is sent off to Siberia, so that the larger number of guilty persons may continue to roam freely.

Finally, I should ask you to pay serious attention to the facts disclosed in the recent articles by Anthony Brink <>, a High Court advocate from the Pietermaritzburg Bar in South Africa, who wrote several major critiques of AIDS orthodoxy and AZT "medicine" for a South African magazine (some web addresses for these articles are given below).

You are correct to be suspicious of Western motivations regarding AIDS in Africa.  HIV has never been proven to be the cause of AIDS, nor has AIDS been proven to be an infectious malady.  Those who argue otherwise are not grounded in good science, and only get away with such statements by virtue of widespread "politically correct" media censorship and political repression of dissenting scientific opinion. 

With kind regards,

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Director, Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
PO Box 1148, Ashland, Oregon 97520 USA

Signator of the Open Letter from the Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV Theory of AIDS.

Formerly on the faculty of Geography,
Illinois State University and University of Miami

Major Critics of "Infectious-HIV":

The "Group for the Scientific Reappraisal of the HIV Hypothesis of AIDS"

PS.  I am informed that in Africa, a positive reaction on only two of the seven density-gradient bands in the "AIDS test" are required for a diagnosis of "AIDS", while in Australia, four of such reactive bands are required.  If we could raise enough money to fly all of the Africans who "test positive" to Australia, we could automatically cure at least half of them, and certainly for a lot less money than what the AZT pushers are demanding!  The last I heard, Galaxo-Wellcome was asking four times the price for AZT in South Africa as is routinely charged in Australia.  


Open Letter to the World Health Organization
(Letter #14)

FROM: Dr. Michael Mulugheta
Asmara, Eritrea, Africa

"But the peculiar evil of silencing the expression of an opinion is that it
is robbing the human race, posterity, as well as the existing generation of
those who dissent from the opinion, still more than those who hold it."
John Stuart Mill
English Philosopher and Economist (1806-1873)

"It is from the numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human
history is made.  Each time a man stands up for an ideal or acts to improve
the lot of others or strikes out against injustice, he sends forth a tiny
ripple of hope, and crossing each other form a million different centres of
energy and daring, those ripples build a current which can sweep down the
mightiest walls of oppression and resistance."
Robert Kennedy, US Attorney General (1961-1964)
Delivered at the University of Cape Town, South Africa (June 1963)


This document has provoked disbelief and even contempt for the last 10
years.  The reaction is anticipated.  The subject matter dealt with is not
only sensitive and emotional, it is also dreadful and incomprehensible.  It
also comes from an unexpected corner which compounds its complexity.  It
incriminates many scientists in the US and Western Europe, but not without
justification.  As a student, I have had an infallible respect for doctors
and their profession.  I thought the Hippocratic Oath was fully complied
with and that the doctor carried his profession to religious proportions.
I assume the average individual hods this stand... until one finds one's
self in the position I am in.  The problem I have been facing the last
decade is just this:  Whenever I say more that 10 scientists in 10 European
countries falsified my lab results, the regular reaction I have been
getting is "Why should they?  What interest do they have in doing so?"  Etc.

The Story: How it All Started

It all happened in 1989.  After having worked as a tropical doctor in
Malawi, I returned to the Netherlands at the end of 1988.  I worked in
Malawi for 3 years in a mission hospital where I was the only doctor.  My
duties included among other things surgical and gynecological operations,
specially cesarean sections.  AIDS was at that time about 4 years old and
the issue was "hot". Central African States were said to be the epidcentre
of the infection.  The risk from profession hazards was not properly
studied at that time.  Therefore, I got worried about the possible
infection from needle pricks and the like.  The concern continued even
after I returned to the Netherlands.

Six months after my return, I developed a urinary tract infection and
decided to take the antibiotics nitrofurantoin and ceclor simultaneously.
To avoid what we call "ping-pong" phenomenon, I gave the same regimen also
to my wife.  This later seemed to be a blessing in disguise.  Seven days
after the start of therapy, I developed partial deafness; over the next
several months, both of us subsequently (but only temporarily) developed an
array of illnesses with an astounding similarity to those attributed to the
HIV, even though we had discontinued taking the drug therapy some five
weeks earlier.

1.        Polyneuropathy
2.        Dermatitis
3.         Alopecia
4.         Allergic pneumonitis
5.         Herpes Zoster
6.         Severe throbbing headache
7.         Granulocytopenia
8.      Haemolytic anemia
9.     Tinnitus
10.     Black tongue

The Scandal of Falsification of Laboratory Reports

At the start of the first symptoms, I went to a specialist. Because of my
worries of the possible infection with HIV, I suggested the specialist if
he could request Elisa on me.  He agreed and then told me to give him a
call after 5 days for the report.

I telephoned him on the appointed date.  He said that I turned "strongly"
positive on Elisa, adding that Elisa is only a screening technique and he
would make an appointment for me with a specialist in Amsterdam where I
could have Western Blot taken on me.  Western Blot is a technique which is
said to be highly sensitive for it analyzes what antibodies one has from
the possible 9 antibodies against HIV.

The Amsterdam specialist (Dr. Meenhorst) ordered the Western Blot and he
told me to give him a call after 10 days for the result.  After 10 days, I
gave him the call and he told repeatedly on the phone that I had 2
antibodies against HIV, gp-41 and gp-120.  I started asking him questions
about the interpretation of the findings, specifically the fact that no
antinuclear antibodies were present.  The antinuclear antibody is said to
be present in cases which have not yet developed AIDS disease symptoms.
When he heard this question, he knew that the discussion would be a
difficult one, and so asked me to come to his consultation office in
person.  A week later I went to his office and he said "I have already told
you the result but I want to show you that you have all 9 antibodies
against the HIV".

This, then, was the root of the problem.  Since the last time we spoke on
the phone, there has not been any blood sample given.  At that time he told
me I had only 2 antibodies, gp-41 and gp-120.  Now, he said all 9 HIV
antibodies are there.  After being asked on the telephone about the
antinuclear antibodies, Dr. Meenhorst anticipated hot discussion when I
went personally to his office.  Therefore, to avoid the confrontation he
added the rest of the antibodies to have me convinced for good. The fact
that I am a doctor myself compounded the problem.

I later learned the head of the central lab of the academic hospital, Prof.
Goudsmid, played a key role in pushing Dr. Meenhorst to add the antibodies.
Prof. Goudsmid then carried the matter personally and did what he could to
prevent me from coming to the truth of finding only the original 2
antibodies at other testing laboratories.

The next place I went was to the University hospital where I studied
myself, hoping it would cooperate.  That hospital did not have the
facilities for doing Western Blot, but I went there to send an anonymous
blood sample out for analysis.  The professor in this hospital refused to
cooperate, although sending anonymous blood samples was legally allowed in
the Netherlands at that time.  This man simply advised me to accept my
ordeal and even suggested my children were most likely infected with HIV.
That was bestial of him to say, without any reason at hand.

There were only two centres in the Netherlands where Western Blot could be
performed.  There was a bottle-neck and even in the rest of Europe, the
number of centres that had facilities for Western Blot were limited.  Only
one or sometimes two in each country.  And unlike other lab items, Western
Blot results must also go through the head of the lab centre. So it is
especially difficult to be openly tested without the knowledge of the
laboratory boss on the matter.

After my frustration in the Netherlands, I went to the Tropical Institute
in Antwerp, Belgium.  The head of that institute was Professor Peter Piot,
the current director of the World Health Organization's (WHO) Global
Program on AIDS (GPA).  To cut it short, Professor Piot also falsified a
lab test on me, and worst of all predicted I had only 3 months to live!  He
even prescribed AZT and other drugs to immediately start.  Had I followed
his advice, I would have long been in my grave by now.  His personal
prescriptions are still in my possession.  AZT is a DNA chain terminator
which kills not only the virus but the host as well. Thousands of people
have died so far from this extra-toxic drug.

My next stop was the University of Hamburg, Germany.  Professor H.G. Thiele
did the same as the others before. He falsified on the instructions from
Netherlands and Germany.  I don't want to dwell on my experiences in more
than 10 countries-there is a book on this matter being prepared.  However,
I will list the most malignant professors who played the leading roles in
this matter:

1. Dr. P.L. Meenhorst, Slotervaart Hospital, Amsterdam
2. Prof. Goutsmit, Academic Medical Centre, Amsterdam
3. Prof. Peter Piot, Tropical Institute, Antwerps, Belgium
4. Prof. Dr. H.G. Thiele, University of Hamburg, Germany
5. Prof. F. Chiodo, University of Bologna, Italy
6. Dr. Perrin, Catalonal Universitiaire, Geneva, Switzerland

There are 6 other professors in other European countries who joined the
scandal, but I do not publicly list them as the documents which prove their
involvement is missing.  Sometimes, fortunately, their conspiracy was not
water-tight, and I could easily decipher the mechanism of their
communications.  For example, one lab technician in one of the remote
European countries where I went to be tested told me my name and the
country I came from-giving a false name is not a solution, as the
identification of a lone black man roaming Europe's limited laboratories,
asking for specific Western Blot test results on specific antibodies (not a
usual request)  is not that difficult to follow.

To prove their conspiracy, please look at the following lab reports given
at two different European countries and at a 6-month's interval between.
The results as could be seen are too identical to be true.  As all medical
doctors know, lab results fluctuate from lab to lab and in the same lab as
taken at different times.  The constituents and properties of blood are
dynamic and changes from time to time, and from place to place.  Weather is
also an important factor.  The hemodilution and hemoconcentration which
change in accordance to our fluid intake also affects lab results in
proportion to volume changes in the intra and extra cellular components.

Table 1:  Evidence of Conspiracy to Falsify Lab Results

                                Germany                         Italy           Holland
Lab item                Hamburg Lab     Bologna Lab     Control

Hb                             16.7            16.7            12.5

WBC                      4.09            4.09            3.75

Erythrocytes               5.71            5.71            4.5

T4/T8 ratio              0.53            0.53            0.8

Diff. Count

Neutro                   45.8            45.8            36.5

Lympho                     36.7            36.7            45.0

Mono                       5.6             5.6             3.0

Eos                      3.4             3.4             2.4

Baso                      0.7             0.7             0.5

Gamma G-T           13              13              11.5

No physician in their right mind would ever take the German and Italian
reports as authentic for such an identical report could never be reproduced
even in a single machine done on the same day.  These reports were done
over a time interval of 6 months and yet there is no difference whatsoever
between the two sets of data.  When the Germans instructed the Italians to
falsify my lab report and inform me of similar Western Blot results, they
made the silly mistake of simply copying over the results of the German

When I found the blood results from Italy being identical to the German
lab, it was a blessing in disguise, because I could then recheck the
hematological results from another third lab.  A week after the Italian
falsification, I returned to Holland and had an additional control test
made.  Although the results between the "Italian" and the Dutch labs was
only one week, they are dramatically different from the results between the
German and Italian labs.

In another case, the lab director became jittery and panicky at my
presence, and because he had not yet mastered the use of his computer,
inadvertently gave me the test result of another patient-as proved by the
inaccurate date when the blood sample was drawn.  It was obviously not
mine, and besides the real owner of the blood sample should have been by
now long dead as the results suggested.

This is part of the proof of the European Conspiracy.  When the Dutch
scientists firstly falsified the lab results and informed Prof. Peter Piot,
the issue developed into a snowball phenomenon to encompass the rest of
Europe. The doctor who first falsified the lab results did so because he
was convinced upon finding the 2 antibodies I was surely infected with HIV.
He knew that, because I am a doctor, he would get strong arguments from me.
If I were a layman, this whole issue would never have reached this
magnitude. Partly, my unwillingness to remain quiet about this abusive
treatment and falsification forced them to undertake additional steps to
cover up the scandal.  When I became aware of the falsifications, I decided
to unveil the truth.

The WHO Sends Me to Jail

The WHO declared in its Epidem. Rec. 1990:65 281-3 "The finding of two of
the three envelope bands (gp-160, gp-120 and gp-41) in the Western Blot is
enough and sufficient to diagnose Seropositivity".  This was a death

sentence to all the patients hat have been diagnosed thereafter.  Can
anybody imagine what the repercussions are of an AIDS diagnosis?  Many
people do not want to live any longer and many more commit suicide.  A
large number so told resort to the toxic AZT and die of it.  In fact,
almost all of the patients start dying the moment they are told they have
AIDS, not because of the disease but of the mere diagnosis.  This in short
is what the WHO did when it passed the above circular to the world.

For trying to disprove it scientifically, my doctors declared me insane and
threw me out of my job.  When I insisted to seek the truth through
disseminating their conspiracy to the rest of the world, they even resorted
to physical harassment.  I cris-crossed Europe covering 40 thousand
kilometers, wrote to more than 40 universities, research centres, medical
journals, and in so doing spent over 40,000 dollars.  I appealed at the
European Commission for Human Rights in Strasbourg, France, but they gave
me no heed.  I staged a hunger strike at the International Court of Justice
in The Hague, Netherlands, but they gave me a deaf ear also.

I appealed to the ministers of Justice of five European countries where the
conspiring doctors live, but there was no response from any one of them.  I
sent copies of documentation to many medical journals, such as Nature,
Lancet, New England Journal of Medicine, Journal of the American Medical
Association, Scandinavian Journal of Medicine, etc., etc., and got no
positive response.  The Lancet editors wrote to tell me that I "write a
very good tale".

Finally, I filed an action against the conspiring Dutch doctors at the
National Commission of Complaints on Medical Malpractice, but they didn't
want to listen to my complaints.  Worst of all, they kept me in suspense
for two years, and finally discarded my complaints as "unfounded" without
listening to my arguments or reviewing the documentation.

On 22 Feb. 1991, having tried all possible options, I paid a visit to WHO
offices in Geneva, Switzerland to air my complaints.  The reason why I went
there was to protest the very statement it made above which caused untold
misery and suffering not only to me personally but probably to millions of
humans across the world.  I specifically went to hand in my documentation
(a book titled "The European Connection") which narrates the entire
falsehood of the WHO wisdom on AIDS, and its repercussions.  The main
themes of my protest were:

1. That gp-120 and gp-41 are not specific for HIV only.

2. That gp-120 and gp-41 are not two different glycoproteins but are
antigenically the same differing in molecular weights in kilodaltons.

3. That the sugar Furanose in the drug called nitrofurantoin can cause the
generation of antibodies against gp-120 and gp-41, both of which the WHO
stated are enough and sufficient to draw serological diagnosis of HIV

For trying to present my documentation and arguments to the WHO, Prof.
Peter Piot (who was then at the Geneva WHO office) advised Dr. Dorothy
Blake (Deputy Director of the GPA) to have Swiss police take me away to
jail.   I then knew there was no justice in Europe, specially when the
offenders are white and high in social status, and the victim is a black
man.  When all attempts to uncover the truth failed, and my very existence
and those of my family was in danger, I fled the country (Netherlands)
where I had lived for around 15 years as a political refugee and went to
Eritrea.  Now that I live in the relative safety of a country I call my
own, I am writing again to unravel the scandalous acts of the European
doctors whose names are listed above.

Thirteen Prior Letters of Protest to WHO

In 13 separate prior letters to WHO, since my visit to their Geneva
headquarters on 22 Feb. 1991 (and my being jailed) I have protested the
following mischievous actions committed by that UN organization:

1. The catastrophic prescription of death it issued when handing out the
following circular worldwide, ie., "the finding of two antibodies of the
three (gp-160, gp-120 and gp-41) is enough and sufficient to make

serological diagnosis of HIV infection".

2. The provision of a safe haven to criminal doctors like Peter Piot who
falsify lab results of patients, especially Africans.  Peter Piot, the
current Director of the WHO GPA falsifies the lab results of people of
African origin just to convince them they have AIDS. he did that in 1989
when he was head of the Tropical Medicine Institute in Antwerp, Belgium.
Documents which prove this falsification are in my possession, and are
accessible to anyone interested.  The documents are even with the WHO
itself, but instead of investigating the crimes of Peter Piot, they have
raised him to the post of Director to the GPA.

3. The WHO is a mouthpiece for the omnipotent institutions in the USA  like
the Centres for Disease Control (CDC), and the National Institute of Health
(NIH).  It dances to the beats of those institutions and is totally
inaccessible to alternative views from elsewhere.  That is why Robert Gallo
and his cohorts have managed to fool the world on AIDS for the last 13
years.  Robert Gallo has innumerable criminal records in his curriculum

The last decade, since I was declared HIV positive by a man no less than
the Director of the Global Program on AIDS, Prof. Peter Piot himself, both
my wife and I are perfectly healthy, in spite of the Professor's giving me
only 3 months to live.  To have me more convinced of his death sentence, he
added 7 antibodies to the list of the original two I had acquired from the
antibiotic nitrofurantoin.  Ladies and gentlemen, if my wife and me have
never employed the condom or any other mechanisms of the so-called
"protection" and yet are alive and thriving after more than 10 years, where
the hell is the "HIV"??

Within weeks after my wife and I had taken nitrofurantoin, we developed a
list of the so-called AIDS defining diseases, and that was in 1989.  This
syndrome experienced by a doctor (myself) who was not content with
incomplete and half-way answers was what convinced Piot and his colleagues
to undertake the falsification of lab records.  However, the syndrome did
not progress down to our graves in contradiction to Piot's prophecy, and we
are still robust and energetic and fit to compile this report.

The African AIDS Scenario

The conventional wisdom on AIDS maintains dual epidemiologies and
mechanisms of transmission.  This demarcation seems to delineate along
geographic and racial lines.  The first one is for the USA and Europe,
while the second one is mainly for Africa.  The epidemiological arguments
for infectious HIV claim that AIDS is transmitted in the West through
homosexual activity and by contaminated needles, and in Africa through
heterosexual mechanisms.  This does not make any sense. It only expounds on
the racist nature of authors of AIDS books at the WHO.  It implies that the
HIV discriminate races in choosing its routes of entry.  However, there is
no other germ or virion which behaves in a similar manner, and why the WHO
still sticks to this nonsense is not immediately obvious.  If heterosexual
transmission is efficient in Kampala, it should be equally efficient in New
York.  In fact, it must be more efficient in New York if the magnitude of
promiscuity is any index.  To assume the Africans do sex like rabbits is,
to say the least, unacceptable and racist.  If polio and chicken pox
viruses are not racists, why should HIV be?!  To make the epidemiology of
AIDS more sensible, an alternative etiology must come forth.

The Sugars: An Alternative Etiology for African Immune Depletion

The alcohols fermented from the pentose sugars (ie., furanose, mannose and
arabinose) can trigger the generation of antibodies analogous to those
against the HIV.  The antibodies which the WHO declared as so specific to
confirm HIV infection (ie., gp-160, gp-120, and gp-41) can also be induced
by these alcohols.  Although I went to the WHO in 1991 to protest its
fallacious assumptions, they only threw me into jail.  Now, years later, my
hypothesis is gaining momentum.

My hypothesis arose from the observation that nitrofurantoin could induce

the production of two of the three WHO-declared specific antibodies.  The
main building block of nitrofurantoin is the furanose sugar which the
pharmaceutical companies extract mainly from maize.  It becomes clear that
the above pentose sugars can indeed imitate HIV infection.  They not only
act as causes of false positivity by generating antibodies, but could also
cause full-blown African-specific AIDS symptoms provided they are consumed


Nitrofurantoin is synthesized from furfural, as derived from pentosans
obtained from bran and oat husks and corncobs.  Its toxicology includes the
following "side" effects: nausea, vomiting, drowsiness, headache,
polyneuritis, nystagmus, alopecia, skin rashes, fever, allergic
pneumonitis, megaloblastic anemia, agranulocytosis, hemolytic anemia,
gastro-intestinal problems, lupus-like syndrome, polyneuropathies (muscle
weakness and sensory impairment), cerebral dysfunction, polymyositis,
ganglioneuropathies, intracranial hypertension, etc.  All of these
disturbances function on the basis of autoimmunity, the degree of recovery
from which depends on the severity of symptoms, but with no apparent
relationship to dose.  Chronic or repeated administration of the drug also
augments the degree and variety of side effects, suggesting the increase in
titre of antibodies enhances the attack on the self.  The above suggests
the diseases caused by both nitrofurantoin and claimed HIV are nearly

Caticalla, Changa, Liga Liga

Caticalla in Ethiopia, Changa in Uganda, and Liga Liga in Tanzania are all
names for the same alcoholic drink made mainly from maize husk-as was the
nitrofurantoin antibiotic.  The furanose sugar is the lowest common factor
in all these drinks, which are locally brewed containing all the furanose
metabolites.  Manitol is the USA counterpart, which is used as a cutting
agent and solvent for injectible heroin and cocaine.  Manitol is the
alcohol form of mannose, another pentosan closely linked to furanose and
arabinose.  It is my hypothesis that these agents are the chief cause of
AIDS and not the HIV.

The French doctors Eveline and Philip Krynen came to similar conclusions
after 4 years of experience with AIDS patients in Uganda.  A group of
researchers from Harvard University and the University of Kinshasa verified
that the LAM (lipoarabinomannan) which is found in the acid fast bacilli
(ie., mycobacterium tuberculosis and mycobacteriumliprae) can induce the
generation of the antibodies gp-160, gp-120 and gp-41.  These are direct
and independent proofs of the relationship between chronic furanose alcohol
consumption, AIDS diseases, and "positivity" on the Western Blot.

Around 1988 the WHO declared that Uganda was the epicentre of HIV
infection, and would be depopulated by the early 1990s.  As of the late
1990s, these predictions have miserably failed, and the Ugandans are not
any worse than the rest of the world.  Moreover, do the Ugandans have sex
like rabbits any more than the rest of the human race?  I know the Ugandans
for I was a medical student at Mekerrere University myself.  They are very
decent people without any aberrant behavior with regard to sex.  They
procreate and fecundate like the reset of the humans on this planet.
However, more than any other population groups, people in this region of
Africa consume maize husk derived alcohols.  Maize, ladies and gentlemen,
is the staple food in the Central African states.

AIDS in My Clinic

For the last 18 months, I have operated a private clinic in Dekemhare,
Eritrea, and have made dramatic experiences with regards to AIDS.  Up to
now, I have had 12 patients who came from Addis Ababa with the confirmed
diagnosis of AIDS.  All were in their terminal stages of their diseases and
they came to die in their home towns.  They had all the cardinal signs and
symptoms of AIDS, such as emaciation, chronic coughs, diarrheal diseases,
dermatitis, etc.

Importantly, these patients gave the history of caticalla consumption for
many years.  With regard to promiscuity, they gave no hints of excessive

practice.  Their partners were all alive with no signs of the disease.
Their serological status was unclear, however.  Three fourths of them (9)
were truck drivers with long stays in Uganda, Kenya, etc.  They told me
that they routinely carried caticalla in their trucks.  Many said they also
knew of colleagues in the same situation elsewhere in East Africa.
When these patients came to their home towns in Eritrea, they could not
find the caticalla they used to drink.  In other words, they got periods of
abstention from their addictions.  The result was 10 out of 12 were quickly
(within 3 months) better and healthy enough to go back to their families in
Addis Ababa.  The other two were irreversibly sick and they succumbed.  The
criteria for "cure" was the gain in weight of more than 10 kilograms, and
the disappearance of the cardinal signs and symptoms stated above.

There also is talk in Asmara, Eritrea, of AIDS confirmed cases with
pulmonary tuberculosis who after treatment of the presenting illness with
tuberculosis medicines, get "cured of AIDS" with dramatic gain in weights
and improvements in other minor ailments.

In the 18 months of clinical experience in Dekemhare, I have never had any
prostitute with AIDS, although there are prostitutes here in great numbers.
This town was one of the main garrisons of the Ethiopian occupying army
five to ten years ago, a population subset naturally heavily promiscuous.
If there is any talk of high prevalence of infection among truck drivers
and prostitutes elsewhere, it is simply because these subgroups also
frequent maize-based alcoholic consumption, and not because of "HIV

There is a very clear epidemiological difference between Eritrea and
Ethiopia with regard to HIV infection, which is due to variation in the
popularity of caticalla consumption in these countries.  Anybody who
assumes the variation is due to effectiveness of condoms and the like is
miserably mistaken.

Mice: The Asmara Experiment

With the help of professor Afeworki Measho, an immunologist at Asmara
University and the school of veterinary medicine in Asmara, I undertook
experimentation on Mice with nitrofurantoin.  I received 40 mice, separated
them into two groups, one as a control.  I did not have injectable
nitrofurantoin, but only nitrofurantoin macrocrystals in the form of
capsules which were dissolved in sterile water.  The mice were given 50
milligrams intraperitoneally, and observed.  Prior to the experiment, my
expectations were they would develop paralysis, dermatitis, and allergic
pneumonitis.   These three effects are relatively easy to diagnose
clinically in the setting under which the experiment was performed.

The findings were astonishing, in that all the mice under experimentation
developed hind leg paralysis to the point of dragging their hind
legs-complete sensory and motor paralysis occurred in the 48th hour, and
the mice died a few hours later probably because they could not go around
to eat and drink.  About 50 percent developed dermatitis and hair loss,
around the same time they developed the paralysis.  Allergic pneumonitis
was not easy to make out, although I notice flaring of the nostrils with
foamy discharge which was not enough to make a confident diagnosis. I could
not convert the mice serologically because of the lack of an adjuvant in
the kits.

My prediction is, the administration of nitrofurantoin macrocrystals at a
dose of 100 mg along with ceclor 250 mg, four times a day to volunteer
human test subjects for a duration of 7 days, will induce the gp-160,
gp-120 and gp-41 antibodies. (Side effects from nitrofurantoin are more
readily seen in patients with renal dysfunction, which is mimicked by
ceclor administration.)  Allow the immune system a period of 3 weeks to
process the task and test the volunteers immediately after that.  A one
time administration of the above drug sequence as given above will lead to
the presence of antibodies and the patient will be labeled "HIV carrier"
for the rest of his life.  But they won't develop AIDS unless exposed to
repetitive administration of the same.  Repeated administration of the same

dose will deplete the T4 helper cells to such low levels that all the
opportunistic infections will follow.
AIDS: Non-Contagious and Preventable

Contrary to we are told to believe by the AIDS establishment, the disease
is not caused by the HIV or any other microbe.  It means, therefore, AIDS
is not contagious from person to person.  It has nothing to do with sex and
this alleviates the fear from the otherwise pleasurable and physiological
act of sexual activity.  Just imagine what terrible repercussions the
conventional AIDS has had on the normal relationships between humans.  The
diagnosis of AIDS infection has led among other things to suicides,
disintegration of families, loss of jobs, social isolation, upheaval in the
very social fabric, etc.

The prevention and treatment of AIDS now boils down to discontinuation and
abstention of the provocative agents and nothing more.  One time or even a
few times encounter with the agents leads only to the serological presence
of the antibodies which might last for the rest of the life time.  However,
it is only the chronic use of the agents which leads to full-blown AIDS
through the augmentation of the antibody titres.  As stated in more detail
in my larger book and other documentary materials, it is the cross-reaction
of the antibodies with T4 lymphocytes which causes the depletion of the
latter, a key component of true immune deficiency diseases.


JD Postscript 2007

Dr. Peter Piot is today the director of the WHO AIDS program, and a strong advocate for "HIV positive" women to not breastfeed their children, for all baby boys world-wide to be genitally-mutilated (circumcised), and apparently also for empowering police to force everyone to carry out such medical dictations. (Not one mainstream health-care or medical organization has objected to such practices, but instead they all seem quite happy about them, and want even more power to jail medical dissenters and disobedient patients.) Perhaps like some other leaders in the "HIV=AIDS=Death" establishment, he also believes dissenters to his fascist ideology should be put into prison.

As I predicted years ago, "AIDS" would become an excuse for pushing of every type of antisexual assault upon humanity, especially upon the sexuality of children and women.  So today, "AIDS Experts" advocate male genital mutilation (circumcision) as well as forbiddance of breastfeeding, telling young children that "sex can kill", empowering social service workers to yank children from excellent parents, and give them into foster homes for daring to defy Medical Power, and a whole raft of quite medical-fascist and antisexual things.  Female genital mutilation cannot be far off as recommendations by the AIDS hysterics, because the same worthless correlation studies which led to their advocacy of male circumcision also suggested female genital mutilations were also correlated with a lowered incidence of AIDS.  The fact that the circumcising Islamic regions tend to be more arid and northerly and forbidding of homemade alcoholic beverages, while the non-circumcising regions are more tropical-southerly and alcohol-consuming, and thereby exposed to more typically African tropical disorders including malaria, TB and leprosy -- all of which cross-react with the typical ELISA and Western Blot "AIDS tests" -- has escaped the "HIV scientists" in their rage-motivated push to use knives on the genitals of boys, and rip babies out of the arms of loving mothers, substituting their toxic "milks" for mother's milk.  These are deeply psychological disorders, which the average person, and certainly the average doctor, has no clue about, but which are fully discussed in my Saharasia book, which speaks to such issues in their global cultural variations.

Parents especially should be forewarned, to stay away from any physician, pediatrician or nurse who embraces orthodox AIDS theory, as if they or their child "tests positive" on one of the bogus "AIDS tests" -- which can cross-react to yield a false-positive due only to the existence of natural and healthy maternal antibodies, or to traces of antibiotics or other environmental stressors -- and they refuse to ingest the toxic medicines demanded by their physician who will then pronounce them "HIV-infected", then they risk that the physicians will call the cops, and use policemen and social workers to have the child forcibly removed from the home and put into a foster-care facility where the "medicines" will be given without parental consent.  Many children have been sickened and even killed through such procedures, but the deaths are always attributed to "virulent HIV"... "we did our very best to save the child"..."if the mother had only cooperated a few weeks earlier"... etc. ad nauseum.   Any physician or nurse pushing the "need for HIV testing" has succumbed to the antisexual hysteria of our day, the white-coat of the MD and their "holier than thou" scientistic wisdom about the "exacting nature of disease and the universe" (don't you hear Handel's chorus in the background!?) being substituted for the black-robe of the old Medieval priest, who also was in direct communication with God, and at one time also administered nostroms in the sick-houses... where people died like flies.  The common functioning principle between these two historical expressions is the hateful and sadistic antisexual, antichild and antifemale impulses which are carried in the emotional structures of the high-caste priests or doctors.  Socially we have exposed the problem within the religious priesthood, whose institutions today are segregated from State Power.  No priest can demand the removal of your child, or policemen forcing you into the church for confessionals, as once was the case in Old Europe.   But this expression is still alive within modern medicine, which does have State Power of all kinds, and many people literally worship at the altar of modern medicine, considering doctors as all-knowing, just as once the priesthood was so considered.  Surely not all physicians fall into this poisonously sick character structure and ideological framework. But the more rational doctors who oppose these trends appear to be a distinct minority, and they have been powerless to oppose it, except by slowly applying softer and more life-positive methods in their practices, and quietly educating their patients and associates.

Interesting that among the signators of the American Declaration of Independence, Dr. Benjamin Rush tried without success to persuade his fellows that the US Constitution should have a provision for the Freedom of Choice in Medicine, just as it provides for such freedoms on religious matters. He knew about the tyranny of the medical profession in Europe, the superstitions and power-drunkenness of those who served the Royal Families, and wanted to protect the United States from their obtaining a monopoly on health care.  He failed, and the war against natural healing methods, the death of Wilhelm Reich in prison, and AIDS hysteria are but a few examples of the outcomes of this failure.

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