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Circumcision and AIDS... more fraud from the white-coats

At 12:46 AM -0800 12/01/2007, Sam C. wrote:
Dr. DeMeo,

I just read an appalling article on how studies show that male circumcision can reduce the risk of HIV infection.
As such the propaganda machine is in full swing with even one reporter televising his own circumcision.  I recently finished Saharasia.  And am additionally familiar with the research of Duesberg/Mullis etc.  Obviously the tragicomic aspects of this new hype is unsettling.

The article in question also recommended other means of AIDS prevention, including delaying age of first intercourse.  From a purely microbiological standpoint even if HIV causes aids, its easy for me to see through the veneer of such dubious measures.  Sort of like suggesting coitus interruptus for birth control.  In any case its not hard for me to presume the existence of a widely prevalent life-negative zietgeist within the mainstream medical community.  It would be nice to hear your thoughts on this.  Thanks again and hope your lecture tour has gone great.

Best, Sam


Dear Sam,

Of course it is appalling, that so many professionals still haven't investigated the facts about the fabricated nature of the so-called "HIV epidemic" or "HIV cause of AIDS".  It was a sham and fraud from the start, and I predicted years ago they would abuse that theory to advocate for all sorts of antisexual things, which today includes teaching young people that "sex can kill", making mothers afraid of breastfeeding, advocating male genital mutilations, and permitting social service workers to rip children from very happy and good-parent homes, because those parents may not wish to give toxic medicines to their children as demanded by the white-coats when they "test positive" on what is basically a non-HIV-specific broad-spectrum antibody test.  I assume you saw the last posting I sent around to OBRL-News, with my letter to President M'beki of South Africa, and the "Open Letter to WHO" by Dr. Mulugheta.

At the bottom of that posting I give some additional insights on these issues.  The statistical approaches used to make the "AIDS infection" and "presence of foreskin" or "absence of circumcision" correlations are bogus, and merely reflect the fact that the AIDS indicator-diseases, which cross-react with the highly non-specific "HIV tests", are mostly tropical-African/sub-Saharan in nature, while circumcision is practiced mostly by north-African-Muslim populations.  So non-circumcising populations of sub-Saharan regions are getting exposed to multiple tropical diseases like Malaria, Leprosy and Tuberculosis, among others, yield up very high false-positives on the non-specific "HIV tests", while Muslims living in the drier parts of North Africa who circumcise, don't get exposed to those diseases and therefore yield lower reactivity on the "tests".  It is a case of false-correlations revealed only by looking at the geographical parameters of the variables.  Very bad, bogus science from start to finish, driven by anti-sex hatred and hysteria.

There are other factors, such as the consumption of home-brew alcoholic beverages made from corn-husks, which are quite toxic and trigger specific reactions to the HIV tests, something which is widespread in sub-Saharan tropical Africa where corn is grown, but which is not found in the drier northern-Muslim-circumcising regions, given that Muslims aren't usually consuming alcohol (they smoke a lot of hash and chew qat, but those don't seem to have so much blood-immunological effects as they do neurological-psychoses effects).

I have a longer article in preparation about the circumcision-AIDS false correlations, which eventually will be published somewhere, I hope.

James DeMeo

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Orgone Biophysical Research Lab
Greensprings Center
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