Monday, March 10, 2008

Another Nasty Anti-Reich Smear Needing Your Comments

Forbes Magazine Online recently ran an article containing the usual lies and contempt against Reich.  It is drafted as a kind of "sitting on the fence" which both softly scolds the FDA for its overly-aggressive behavior, but is much harder on the victims of the FDA attacks, almost to say "they were so crazy, or dangerous, they had it coming"!  Anyone who has studied the American medical system, however, knows the really "crazy and dangerous" health care practices are found right in the hospitals, being pushed by the MDs, often at the point of a policeman's gun.  The FDA is only part of this kind of problem.

The Thought Police
William Baldwin

If you are able, please leave comments on the Forbes website -- again, polite and to the point, but don't pull punches either.  This is factually an element of authentic fascism within the American body politic, and it needs to be pulled out by the roots!  

Thanks to Philip Bennett for bring this to our attention. 

James DeMeo

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