Saturday, March 15, 2008

Offshoots of Orgonomy #1, now available as PDF download

We have reduced prices on all the old back issues of Offshoots of
Orgonomy, the 1980s magazine edited by Wilhelm Reich's secretary,
Lois Wyvell. Some years ago, in agreement with Ms. Wyvell, the old
issues were rescued from a basement and put into clean storage,
reorganized, and offered for sale via Natural Energy Works. They are
a time-capsule expressing much of the spirit and flavor of Reich's
later years, along with articles and essays by many of Reich's
associates (most of whom have passed on since) as well as the
struggles of various patients in orgone therapy, losing their
armoring but still confronting the emotionally armored world. In any
case, they are now available at a reduced price, of $2.50 each or $30
for the full set of remaining issues, so long as the copies last. We
anticipate they will become collector's items at some point.

Issues #1 and #2 went out of print some time back, but we have made
#1 available as a free PDF download. We will do this also with issue
#2 when we get around to it. The download link is on the Offshoots

See here:
11th item down on the left-hand side.

Also don't forget the new DVD version of John Ott's movie "Exploring
the Spectrum" also available via the same website -- 12th item down
on the left side.

Thanks for this! I look forward to issue 2 and perhaps purchasing the remaining editions. Why are there only 15 issues?
Lois Wyvell organized Offshoots mostly as a labor of love. It never was a money-maker, and at the end of the 15th issue, it was clear that very few subscribers would take it up. Most of the copies remained unsold.
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