Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Record Antarctic Sea Ice last year

The images attached to this email are NASA, and document a record
Antarctic sea ice as of October last year. At that time, the
Southern Hemisphere sea ice expanded to 16.17 million km2, breaking
an older record of 16.03 million km2 (since 1979). There is a
corresponding return of major sea ice this winter in the Arctic
Ocean, though it is not record-breaking, and I do not yet have data
to share on that.

The attached images are from The Cryosphere Today website:

If the images do not transfer via the email version of OBRL-News,
then go to these weblinks to view them, or go to the OBRL-News blog
for this date (5 March 2008).

These images come from James Taylor, a Senior Fellow from the
Heartland Institute, as reported recently on conservative Fox News
Hannity and Colmes program in October of last year. There's a video
of that discussion posted here:

James DeMeo

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