Saturday, March 22, 2008

Unseen Wilder's Film Causes Global Hysteria

It's almost as bad as if someone on Wall Street yelled "HIV/AIDS is transmissible by paper money, AAAaaaa!" and everyone began running around in wretched agony.

Geert Wilder's 10-minute film "Fitna" has created a nearly identical hysteria, but globally.  A film nobody has seen, which nobody can comment about, except that Wilders says it will quote from the Koran, and show the real-world consequences when people believe in those quotes and act upon them.  Like, Koran quotes of Muhammed demanding the deaths of infidels, followed by real-world scenes of infidels being killed by angry Muslims. Or Muhammed approving of little girls being married to old bearded men, followed by real images of frightened little girls being married to old bearded men.  Or Big Mo declaring "smite them at their necks" followed by you-know-what.   Apparently this kind of "reality TV" is really "too much" for the mainstream media, which prides itself on showing just about every kind of twisted lie and perversion-as-heath, to validate their allegiance to the First Amendment.  But some Truth About Islam?  Come on.  "That's old fashioned"! "Instead, let's take these American and Israeli dolls and stick those long pins into them."

Consequently no EU TV or cable station will show it.  You Tube has banned it.  Governments are prepared to step in and stop it, maybe to arrest Wilders for daring to say he will show such a film, even though he hasn't.  It is already a "thought crime" of the highest magnitude.  You can distribute and post "kill the Jews" rants from Hamas and Hezbollah, show beheading videos and Osama Bin Ladin's Favorite Fatwas, circulate them on DVD and YouTube and show them in mosques, swap them on Blueberry's and cell phones in the schools, and that's A-OK.  But a ten minute film which matches Koran quotes with Muslim behavior... why, you must be mad!  That's outrageous and unacceptable!  A matter for the United Nations!  Quick, throw the provocateur into prison!

Wilder's continues to get death-threats from all the Islamo-bomb-heads, jail-threats from his political foes, and the moderate Muslims are totally smugly silent.  So, Wilders created a website with plans to make his film available as a free download, here:

I've checked that website several times over the last week, and it merely showed a colorful image of the Koran, with beautiful calligraphy Arabic script ("there is no god but Allah," etc.) with the sentence "Fitna, the Movie, coming soon".   So periodically, people with interests in Wilder's film have checked that one-page website, in anticipation...

But if you missed it.... Too Late!

Take a look at that website today, as it has been blocked by Network Solutions, the webhost.

This site has been suspended while Network Solutions is investigating whether the site's content is in violation of the Network Solutions Acceptable Use Policy. Network Solutions has received a number of complaints regarding this site that are under investigation. For more information about Network Solutions Acceptable Use Policy visit the following URL:

Apparently, all the Islamofascists and their leftist friends have been barraging Network Solutions to halt this truth-telling film.  Network Solutions will therefore go the way of Google in Communist China, except in this case, it will be censoring truth-fact content aimed at Western audiences, even as jihad-terror websites, porno-websites, and piracy-copyright websites continue to be available without so much as a problem.  So much for the First Amendment, up for sale to the highest Islamic bidders, and negotiable to complaints by all the left-wing advocates of PC.

Michelle Malkin has an item on it, which might provide updates.

Will any American company host "Fitna?"

And in case you are wondering where all of this is leading...

"Scholars" demand laws criminalizing "insults" to Islam

If this situation bothers you, you can register your complaint with Network Solutions directly, against internet censorship, and urge the ending of the forbiddance of the Wilder's film, here:

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