Saturday, April 19, 2008

Europe's Future: Islamization? Civil War? Assimilation and Integration?

An excellent analysis by Daniel Pipes.  I would say, it is a toss-up between the first two unsettling choices, as the evidence for the third choice simply does not exist.  A good example is given in the second item below.  In either case, the USA will become involved, much as happened in the 20th Century. The article covers territory which nearly nobody is discussing, given the taboo nature of the whole subject.   J.D.


Europe or Eurabia?
by Daniel Pipes
April 15, 2008
The future of Europe is in play. Will it turn into "Eurabia," a part of the Muslim world? Will it remain the distinct cultural unit it has been over the last millennium? Or might there be some creative synthesis of the two civilizations?
The answer has vast importance. Europe may constitute a mere 7 percent of the world's landmass but for five hundred years, 1450-1950, for good and ill, it was the global engine of change. How it develops in the future will affect all humanity, and especially daughter countries such as Australia which still retain close and important ties to the old continent.
I foresee potentially one of three paths for Europe: Muslims dominating, Muslims rejected, or harmonious integration.

... (snip)

Read the whole thing.

Now, below is an example, one of many, which shapes my view that Europe will face one of the first two options given above, but not the third.  The only Muslims who appear genuinely interested in "assimilation and integration" are quitting Islam wholesale, after which they become apostates and must go into hiding or flee to the USA.  Not even Canada is safe, given the increasingly pro-Muslim laws, which today try to silence or imprison writers who are critical of Islamic hate-speech.

Thanks to Acharya S. for this second item, who correctly noted "... when Geert Wilders objects to this HATE SPEECH, calls come out for HIS arrest."

Of course, there is the implied threat of Islamic violence against the infidel in all of this, and the violence is carried out periodically.  J.D.


Dutch Imam: Muslims Called to Hate All Infidels
Thursday, April 17, 2008
Netherlands: Radical imam teaches to hate infidels
Islam teacher Suhayb Salam from Tilburg, taught his students to hate infidels, according ot journalist Patrick Pouw in his book "Salaam! Een jaar onder orthodoxe moslims" (Salam! A year among orthodox Muslims). Suhayb is the son of Tilburg imam Ahmed Salam, who had in the past refused to shake minister Verdonk's hand.
For a year Pouw learned by the ultra-orthodox Salafist Salam, manager of the Islamic Institute for Upbringing and Education. In this institute youth are taught to be preachers of the "only true faith, Islam".
Salam hammed in ever lesson on the duty to hate unbelievers. Pouw writes in his book: "We learned that all infidels were enemies of Allah, that everybody who didn't follow Islam is an enemy of Allah. We heard that sincere love for Allah means that we must hate his enemies, and must see them as our enemies. That was nothing less than an obligation."
Salam told his students that Muslims may not report each other to the police. "Since that would mean that a non-Muslim, an infidel, would judge a Muslim."
He also advised a student who had a bible in his house to burn it.
On TV program Netwerk, Pouw tells that the students had to speak to people on the street and admonish them, for example if a girl didn't wear a headscarf or wore a short skirt.
Salam, who knew Pouw was a journalist, did not want to comment on Netwerk, but said that "all claims about inciting hate are nonsense." According to Pouw, Salam did not call for committing violence in a more direct manner.

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