Monday, April 21, 2008

Freedom of Speech is Dying, Now in France, except for raging mullahs

And not just in France are critics of Islamic fanaticism being silenced by the anti-freedom "progressives".  If anyone dared to suggest a mullah screeching "Kill the Jews" should be brought to court for hate-speech, even if members of his mosque had been caught killing Jews, the liberal-left would be hot to defend them, jumping up and down screaming "Fascism! Fascism!"   But an old woman, who expresses her opinion even in private letters, is fair game for the New Inquistion and liberal thought-police, and they will all line up to "stand in solidarity with our Muslim brothers", even as those "brothers" plot the demise of their liberal supporters.

Amazing, yet another outspoken woman is being crushed under the left-wing jack-boot in the West, for daring to speak the awful truth about Islam.   J.D.


The War on Brigitte Bardot
By Jacob Laksin | Monday, April 21, 2008
In the 1960s, Brigitte Bardot was France's national icon, a pouty-lipped poster girl for the glories of her home country. So it is a sign of how radically times have changed that yesterday's silver-screen darling is today's enemy of the people.

Bardot's "crimes," such as they are, are straightforward: She has committed the sin of speaking frankly and unapologetically about her country's hostile Muslim immigrant population and - what is evidently worse - questioning the compatibility of some Muslim religious practices with Western society. Common sense, one might think, or least subjects fit for fruitful debate.

Not in modern France. Last week, the erstwhile cinema siren went on trial on the charge of inciting "racial hatred against Muslims." If convicted, she could face a two-month suspended prison sentence and nearly $24,000 in fines ...

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