Sunday, April 06, 2008

Islam Movie Time

For those who missed the Geert Wilder's film Fitna, it was posted here, posted there, but knocked down by the politically-correct nearly everywhere.

Finally, it got a home at YouTube and Google, but maybe not for long.  Here you go, 17 minutes:

Here's another one, "ISLAM: What the West Needs to Know", 1 hr 30 minutes.

If you don' have broadband to download this one, the OBRL bookstore has it on DVD:
(See the "Saharasia Today" or "Amazing Videos" sections)

If these weblinks to "Fitna" and "Islam" don't work after a few days, then do your own search on the term "Fitna" and it should come up somewhere.  You'll also discover, from that web search, that Wilders is now under threat of imprisonment by the EU dhimmis for daring to speak Truth to Islamic power, which already got him a death-sentence from the "peaceful ones".

Be forewarned about "Fitna" - while it is only a reciting of Koran quotes followed by scenes of Islamic terror fulfilling those Koranic mandates, it does show parts of one beheading video -- but only the first parts where the head-choppers are reciting more Koran quotes, and mercifully spares you the bloody details.  Also the scenes of people jumping to their deaths from the burning Twin Towers on 911, and train-goers in Madrid being blown up and incinerated.  Scenes which either have been fully censored from th MSM, or which we saw only then, but which the MSM and its Islam-friendly multiculturalism doesn't want us reminded about.  Upsets the sheep, didn't you know.  We are constantly hearing from the Islamopologists that "Islam is a peaceful religion", and that their violence (in spite of being a "religion of peace") is due to Western provocations (in spite of their always quoting from the Koran, and attacking people who aren't "western").   Both of these films are an important reality-check.   I'd also recommend "Obsession: Radical Islam's War Against the West" for which we also have the DVD at the bookstore (link given above).  But here's a video trailer of that:

"Obsession" is also posted in 10 parts, starting here:

Obsession is in some ways the more hard-hitting and best of the Islam-critical videos, though it tends to be apologist towards "ordinary Islam" and "moderate Islam", even while ignoring why the "ordinary moderates" are so quiet and silent in the face of Islamic fanaticism and terror, or why really authentic "ordinary moderates" simply quit Islam altogether.  As I say, it is not a "religion" but an all-encompassing political ideology demanding personal immersion into its framework of belief and behavior, and to which every aspect of life must be "submitted".  Islam is, and means "submission".


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