Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Wafa Sultan, Islam Critic, Threatened With Death by "Moderates"...

Wafa Sultan:
"Islam is the problem."

Moderate Muslims and Mullahs:
"How Dare You To Say Such A Thing -- You Must Die!"

Here's what happens to authentic reformers in the Muslim world.  "Blasphemers and Apostates Must Die!"

Reich spoke about the anxious fear of life, of sexual love and happiness, which exists around the world, including in the West, which led to the attitude of "Don't Touch It" -- to obscure it, run away from it, hide from it. But he also spoke about the Emotional Plague, where those rather ordinary character neurotic expressions were replaced, in the higher-energy individuals, with the impulse to kill that which dares to live life more fully, to destroy that which lives sexual happiness and love.  To wipe out living life in all its expressions.  In the West, those kinds of Emotional Plague characters are the minority, though they sometimes can seduced others into following them on their "mission" to destroy life and love.  They tend always to be very seductive in their deceptions and smooth-talking lying, but will tend to be fully truthful with their plans to murder and destroy when speaking among their loyal following.  Such is the nature of Islam, in the largest and even most "moderate" sense.  As Wafa Sultan says, the problem is Islam, and not just "militant Islam" or "Islamic terrorists" or even just the "Wahhabi Islam".  She comes to this conclusion by looking directly at the miserable slave-like condition of women in Islam, having grown up as a Muslim, and witnessed the non-stop horror-show, something which was clearly documented in my book "Saharasia" using standard cross-cultural data from the anthropologists.

Within Saharasia proper, within the Islamic world, the Emotional Plague is predominant.  It is found more deeply rooted within Islam as an expression of daily life, the daily crushing down of every human impulse towards freedom, love and happiness, and is an expression of the extremely patriarchal authoritarian character structures of the average person.  In those areas, the persons who would be identified in the West as either somewhat healthy, or the "ordinary character neurotic" constitutes only a minority.  And most often, these softer characters are not Islamic, but Jewish, Christian, Druze, Asyrrian, Bahai, Coptic, etc., even though those same cultures are not entirely free of the emotional plague either -- it is only that they are not fully consumed by it, and they have character structures where more healthy behavior and social expressions have a chance to survive.

My own Saharasia cross-cultural research showed, how the Emotional Plague cultural attitudes develop specific social expressions -- in cruel and horrific assaults and traumas aimed at infants, children, adolescents, and women predominantly, with a consequent growth in social power of Big Man totalitarians.  One predominant character expression within such sex-repressed and violent cultures is an "extreme insult sensitivity", which sends people into a ballistic murderous rage if they are "dishonored".  Which means, if someone tells them the truth about their own wretched, miserable condition, exposing it to the public view..  If you say something they don't like, which basically is to speak the truth, the buried rage kept suppressed by virtue of their denial of their unhappy and wretched situations, is thrown into high excitation, after which the unconvincing grinning mask of the "peaceful ones" slips away, and out comes the daggers. The same is true, perhaps even more so, if one dares to actually live a more free and sexual life within eye-sight of the miserable ones.  So the young woman who dares to occasionally throw off the head-schmata known as the veil, or who dares to smile or flirt with a young man outside the home, won't survive very long.  Or the young man who listens to American rock music, and wears blue jeans and grows his hair longish, and who smiles too often at the girls, is targeted.  Or anyone who dares to seek sexual love.  Emphasis upon love.

So now, following a long line of dissenters against fascism of all varieties, and more recently a long list of strong and outspoken women, Wafa Sultan must run for her life.  The Western politicians, meanwhile, will only throw contempt upon her head -- "she should have kept her mouth shut."  That's exactly what the psychoanalysts said about Reich, after he wrote "Mass Psychology of Fascism".  He should have kept his mouth shut, because "we are all trying our best to get along with the Nazis".   This will get worse, and the ones with the shut mouths will not be spared.

This situation is EXACTLY as what dissenters against Nazism, including Wilhelm Reich, were facing in the 1930s.  And almost exactly like the 1930s, nearly everyone is deaf and dumb about this situation.

Review the following for the details.

Wafa Sultan, speaking at the David Horowitz Center for Freedom, about Women in Islam.

Also review the other youtube items on Wafa Sultan in the "Related Videos" section of this above weblink. Here is the same video:

For daring to speak out, Wafa Sultan has come to the attention of one Sheik Yusuf al-Qaradawi -- a favorite "moderate mullah" of the left-wing Western news media, whose propaganda and falsehoods have graced the pages of nearly every liberal newspaper from the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and LA Times, to the Boston Globe and NY Times.  al-Qaradawi recently made a speech on Al Jazeera TV (Terror TV) to denounce Wafa Sultan and to basically point a finger at her, declaring her to be a legitimate target for street-murder by any avenging Muslim who might wish to get a guaranteed free-pass to Heaven and claim his 72 virgins. This happens right as every Islamic and Leftist UN and EU leader -- a wretched bunch who long ago sold out their people to Islamic supremacy while lining their pockets with petrodollar bribery -- lines up to denounce the Fitna film by Geert Wilders, which puts clear substance behind Wafa Sultan's warnings to the West.

Read here for more details:

James DeMeo

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