Friday, May 09, 2008

"Chemtrail Orgonite" nonsense used to attack Reich

Anyone who has seriously investigated Wilhelm Reich's work knows the whole business of "chembusters", "chemtrails" and "orgonite" are inventions of people only within the last ten years or so, and has no authentic relationship to Reich, even though they often abuse his name and terms.   Their claims, however, are nevertheless being attributed to Reich, and used to attack him.

Here's a new YouTube video, which strings together all sorts of outrageous falsehoods about Reich, based upon the producers dislike of the "orgonite" gadgets.

I've already discussed this issue, here:

Once again, Wilhelm Reich and orgonomy gets the ugly embrace of the orgonite-chemtrail crowd, which makes a total madhouse distortion of his good name and science, followed by others who look at that, call it crazy, and then blamed it all on Reich, adding in their own lies and hate.

In this case, the YouTube item was produced by a group (or individual) called "Quiet Buck Productions" -- which brings up this webpage:   It appears to be a very mystic website as well, referencing YHWE and offering up Bible quotations.  Perhaps in this case what we have is a battle between different cultists, with Reich either being abused to bolster up one side, or to tear down the other.  Crazy.


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