Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Israel's 60th Anniversary

The 60th Anniversary of the Foundation of Israel passed a few days ago, and was greeted in much of the liberal-left Western media with some of the most hideous and grotesque lies and phoney history I have seen anywhere.  The BBC was typically among the worst of the liars, but similar distortions came through the New York Times, and others, underscoring how the liberal-left politic today has become the major carrier of the virus of Jew-hatred.  (And yet another reminder of the "socialism" within National Socialism, the truncated version of which is the term "Nazi").

Rather than go into details, here are two item to review, for a "quick history of the Middle East".

From the Terrorist Awareness Project:

Here's another view of it, frame by frame, if your computer is too slow:

Here's an expose on one major bit of rancid news reporting just recently:

And once again, we have some of the very best books on authentic history and current events in the "Saharasia Today" section of the OBRL bookstore, here:

Happy viewing, and Happy 60th Anniversary, to our subscribers in Israel.

James DeMeo

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