Friday, June 13, 2008

Big-Bang Cosmology is Big-BS -- Princeton U. Prof.

How many ways can you say "I do not love thee, Big Bang Theoreee"

Rather than simply say, "Big-Bang Theory is wrong and is based upon false assumptions which have never been proven, and which are today fully contradictory to observation", and go back to the older and more empirically-founded steady-state infinite universe, you come up with something even more far-fetched, like this one:

By Ron Cowen
June 12th, 2008
Theory suggests a pre-Big Bang universe


In this map of the cosmic microwave background, red and blue represent temperature variations in the radiation and show a slight asymmetry, with more temperature variation on the left half of the sky than the right.

Some people are loath to take a lopsided view of the universe, but cosmologist Sean Carroll and his colleagues are positively reveling in it. Embracing a study that suggests the pattern of radiation left over from the Big Bang looks surprisingly different from one side of the sky to the other, Carroll and colleagues have come up with some mind-bending possibilities to explain the puzzle, described in a paper posted online June 3.

In one scenario, the universe existed before inflation - the short-lived but enormous growth spurt associated with the Big Bang. In the other scenario, the universe is but a tiny part of a primordial structure now grown so big it exceeds the horizon of the observable universe.

Either way, the explanations suggest "that something outside our observable universe or before the period of inflation left a relic, left some imprint on what we can observe today," says Carroll, of Caltech....

*snip*  Read it all at your leisure...

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