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Clarification on the Robert Kennedy Assassination

Sirhan Sirhan was an Islamified "Christian".

In my last posting, carrying the short paragraph remembering the Bobby Kennedy assassination, I should have clarified, while technically his murderer was of Christian background, in practice he was overflooded with Islamic sentiments as the ideological background for the murder.  Sirhan Bashira Sirhan was raised in the Palestinian Muslim milieu before his family emigrated to the USA.  He was taught by radical Muslim teachers in a Muslim community, and carried with him a fanatical hatred of the Jews which for all intents and purposes was the emotional equivalent of Koran-inspired Jihad.  He held a similar burning hatred of Robert Kennedy for his strong support of Israel.  His sympathies, as reported in interviews and biographies, were with the various Muslim terror-bombers killing Jews in Israel, and from what I have read, he showed no sympathy or support for various Christian factions in either Israel or Lebanon who were then also under pressure or attack by Muslims.   So practically speaking, his actions flowed from a social foundation of Jew-hating Islamic Jihad ideology combined with Nasserite Arab nationalism (which itself was rooted in Islamic jihad ideology), along with neo-Nazi propaganda which we know also was promulgated into the Middle East by the Mufti of Jerusalem and Nasser, with all the propaganda and indoctrination which characterized those kinds of views.  His actions, in killing Kennedy, appeared more along the lines of "sudden Jihad syndrome" as described by Robert Spencer, where an individual filled with explosive emotional rage over real or perceived injuries or "dishonor" insults, and mis-educated about world events from politically-extremist sources, is pushed over the edge to independent violent actions against a hated other.

In studies about Sirhan Sirhan, I could not find any traceable roots to typical primitive Christian antisemitism ("Jesus-killers", etc.), though clearly he was proto-Nazi in outlook, admiring of Hitler's "Mein Kampf" and both preoccupied and enraged about "Zionism".  Such views are known among some Arab Christian sects, as with the Maronite Phalange of Lebanon (who occasionally did the Nazi salute), but factually those kinds of sentiments are found in a far more widespread and deep manner among Muslims of the region, who also read the Hitler books, do the Sieg Heil, and dance in the streets when Jews or Americans are mass-murdered.  Arab Christians are more likely, if questioned in private, to be filled with praise for Israel and desiring to move to Israel or America in hopes for freedom from Islamic tyranny, the Israelis having saved them personally on many occasions from organized Muslim butchery.  A bit of history will clarify my point.

After WW-I, and in largest measure, both the Jews and the Christian Arabs of the Middle East considered the British and French to be liberators from their totalitarian Turkish Muslim overlords, and they did not merely wish to have yet another Islamic tyrant-king dominating over them.  To keep controls over the old Turkish Empire remnants, the British took the approach of cutting it up into pieces which were then parceled out to various imported Shieks, Princes and Kings from the Arabian deserts.  The Lebanese Christians and Jewish populations wanted none of that, though the Muslims of the region were insisting upon it, as were various pro-Muslim Europeans.  The Jews and Christians wanted their own autonomous democratic states, lobbied hard for this starting in the middle of WW-I, fought on the side of the British in the military campaigns against the Turks, and anticipated the British and French would eventually concede to this demand (as per the Wilsonian "14 Points").  With removal of the hated Turks, who regularly oppressed local infidel populations with heavy taxation and punitive rules, Jews and Christians flourished under British and French protectorate status.  They were European in outlook, multilingual, better educated, more technically skilled, industrial and agricultural in practice, etc.  They allowed more freedom for women, public mixing of the sexes, and within a short time, abandoned the veil and other customs pushed upon them by their former Islamic masters.  As fellow "inferiors" with dhimmi-slave status under the Turks, they were natural allies in the struggle against Islamic domination.  The Muslims of the region were lesser educated, and pastoral-nomadic in outlook, eastward looking in philosophy, and submissive to or desirous of dictators.  The Muslims had more power during Turkish periods, and lost out significantly with the defeat of Turkish and Nazi power in the region, under British and French protectorate status.

The carving out of Israel and Lebanon from formerly Turkish Empire territories, to give a homeland to the previously dhimmified Christians and Jews, was considered an affront to Islamic sensibilities, that the "inferior humans" should suddenly have self-rule. Or worse, that some Muslims should live under a state controlled by non-Muslim democracy.  It was this quasi-racist hatred of the non-Muslim, that any patch of ground once under Muslim control should revert back to ownership by the non-Muslim dhimmi-slaves who originally owned and occupied it, which initiated an epoch of Muslim efforts to "take back" what was claimed to be "stolen from Muslims".  Starting even before 1948, under British rule, Muslim populations rose in the regions of what later would become Israel and Lebanon, mainly due to immigration from all corners of the Islamic world, given the greater economic opportunity which developed under expanded Jewish and Christian industry, agriculture, and self-rule.  But when Jews or Christians immigrated into the region from elsewhere, it was cursed as "Zionism" or "crusader invasions" by racist Muslim leadership.  Multiple wars of extermination and conquest were launched by the collective Muslim states, failing in every case, but with inflammatory propaganda creating more hatred and the phenomenon of incessant on-going terrorism which has today taken on a global dimension.

That historical background of Islamic jihad "taking back" of lands liberated from Muslim totalitarian dictatorship, which they considered to be a permanent part of the conquered "Dar-es Islam" (House of Islam) and which the Koran demanded be "returned back" to Islamic control, is the foundation for virtually all of the wars and attacks aimed to "wipe out" Israel which developed since 1948.  It is the underlying premise (and lie) upon which "anti-Zionism" is founded.  The same is true with respect to current Islamic pressure to "take back" Christian Lebanon also.

Sirhan Sirhan and his family embraced all of that, which flowed from Islamic, and not Christian contexts.  The following quote, from Mel Ayton's article "Sirhan was an 'Unaffiliated' Terrorist" speaks to these points, very directly:

Although Sirhan's school was nominally Christian teachers were mainly drawn from the Arab community, which was predominantly Muslim, with some input from foreign missionary workers. Christian Arabic children used Jordanian textbooks. From 1948 to 1967 Christian Schools in East Jerusalem were required to teach the Koran. Following his arrest for the murder of Robert Kennedy, Sirhan told of how he had been influenced by one particular teacher in his school, " Mr Suheil", who angrily denounced present day Arabs and compared them to the Arab [Muslim] warrior Saladin. Suheil tried to indoctrinate his pupils in Arab nationalism and urged them to be like Saladin and fight for the Arab cause.
As the Arab world ignored the United Nations call to legitimise the State of Israel, Arab Jordanian school textbooks continued to refer to Israel as 'foreign occupied Palestine'. The texts called for Israel's destruction and made reference to the obligation Palestinians had to defend Islamic land. In the textbooks Jews were portrayed as thieves, occupiers and 'enemies of the prophets', 'cunning', 'deceitful', 'wild animals', 'locusts' and 'treacherous'. The curriculum also exhorted children to violence and described the Jewish state in Nazi-like terms. They always described Arabs as 'victims'. In fact, the purpose of Arab schooling in Jordan and Egypt was to mobilise the population for future conflict with Israel.

Within that context, Sirhan Sirhan's murder of Bobby Kennedy appears as an extension of Islamic Jihad, having worked its influence through a nominally Christian individual, who became more deeply sympathetic to Muslim causes and propaganda, than he was to his own non-Muslim family and neighbors, or to his adopted American homeland into which they emigrated, but which they held in contempt.  Does any of this sound familiar, with respect to the modern problem of Muslim immigrant communities in the West?  One rarely finds similar problems among Arab Christian immigrants, but it certainly was the case with Sirhan Sirhan's "Islamified" family.

Mel Ayton's article provides a specific description of the Sirhan Sirhan family which is illuminating:

During the Easter vacation of 1968, Arab-American Lou Shelby, who hired Sirhan's brother Adel as a musician for his club The Fez, visited the Sirhans. Shelby thought the family were 'strange'. He had previously visited them in Pasadena on a number of occasions for musical rehearsals and was able to see them in a social setting. According to Shelby, "The Sirhans always struck me as being a weird family. By that I mean something quite strange and unusual. Perhaps the best way to explain it is by saying that though they were Christians, the general quality, the atmosphere, of their family was that of a Muslim family. It was serious and heavy and lacking in the adaptability and quickness which most Arab Christian families here have. And there were their relations with their mother; the sons were fond of her, of course, but she had little influence on them and they didn't take her wishes or feelings into account."  [emphasis added, JD]

Today it is known that Arab Christian families living under Muslim dictatorship in the West Bank are fleeing to the West, or into Israel, or just about any other non-Muslim place in the world, by any and all means possible.  Their numbers are dwindling, even in once-Christian but now-Muslim-dominated Bethlehem.  Their businesses and communities are heavily suppressed, their churches routinely desecrated by Muslims, their men physically assaulted, their women at risk for forced "rape-marriages" with forced conversions to Islam, and all kinds of other repressions and cruelties.  Christian Arab leaders rarely speak out about it, and often ape Muslim sentiments, in a variety of ways, most notably in Jew-hatred and adopting political agendas similar to their Muslim overlords, who consider them as sub-human dhimmis, no better than the hated Jews.  In a manner of speaking, this is a culture-wide "Stockholm Syndrome", where the enslaved and chronically-punished and assaulted portion of the community becomes sympathetic to the ideas and causes of those who have enslaved them, who hold them hostage, and who demand tribute and inflict beatings upon them.  World-wide, one sees similar things at work, where Islamic domination puts ideological and social pressures upon non-Muslims, to adopt Muslim ways and attitudes, Muslim dress and practices, Muslim political ideas, and to eventually become Muslims, either by direct conversion, or by indistinguishable mimicry.  From a purely behavioral point of view, this is partly what lies behind the more strict forms of Christian ideology as found close to or within the larger Saharasian region of Muslim dominance, as compared to more reformist or protest-ing Protestant denominations farther removed from the Saharasian homeland of Christian ideology and mythos.

This adoption of Islamic attitudes and ideology by the non-Muslim is nothing new, and certainly is not restricted to the case of Sirhan Sirhan.

I will resist the temptation to draw comparisons to a current Senator from Illinois, who also was taught by Muslim teachers, and grew up in a Muslim milieu, whose father was Muslim, whose friends and mentors speak like (or simply are?) typical Jew-hating and America-hating Islam-sympathetic or outright Islamo-fascists, making trips to sit at the feet of Muslim terror-tyrants overseas, and who in actual sympathy, practice and actions may as well be a Muslim, even though he technically is a Christian.

If it walks like a duck, quacks like a duck, and has web-feet and feathers, it is difficult to call it a dog, even if a sign proclaiming "dog" is hanging around its neck.

James DeMeo, Ph.D.
Author of Saharasia

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