Monday, June 30, 2008

Irena Sendler -VS- Al Gore

True Heroism Versus Political Buffonery

What human scum is the Nobel Peace Prize officials, who once accepted the nomination of Adolf Hitler for his "Judenrein" policies (on the premise that Hitler would expunge all the Jewish people from Europe, after which "peace" would break out), and later gave it to the mass-murdering terrorist Yassir Araft (student of the Mufti of Jerusalem, who was Hitler's man in the Middle East, setting about to build poison-gas death-camps for the Jews of Palestine before the British forces finally demolished Rommel), and since then to all sorts of mediocre idiots, political poseurs and "Little Man" villains.

By contrast, here's a true story of heroism, from someone who did NOT get the prize, and why, and who did.  Very worthwhile.

Irena Sendler -VS- Al Gore

Hat-tip to Michael Elner for this item.

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