Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Big Bailouts For Billionaires!?

The economic news is stunning, as the majority of pols from both parties push for the worst kind of "corporate socialism", where the national treasury becomes a new trough at which the pigs can gorge.  People are properly expressing outrage, sharing emails and articles exposing various aspects of the fantastic irresponsible abuse of private funds on Wall Street, and taxpayer funds by Congress and the Bush administration -- none of which have exercised much responsibility or restraint, and all of which deserve proper credits and condemnations for the current Big Mess.  Right along with the "Little Man" investor who willy-nilly handed over wads of cash to the sharks at the Black Jack table, hoping to also "cash in".

We are also being beaten over the head with Great Depression Horror Stories, or worse, as if cannibalism will appear across the land, with Hell On Earth breaking out all over if the Big Bailout for Billionaires Bill does not pass, Immediately(!).  Don't believe it.  As one newspaper critic noted, that is the story line one typically gets from a used car salesman.  (If you don't close the deal right now..."! )  We all know what rotten fish smells like, and this is it.

Complaining is good and necessary, but action is better.  Now is the time to contact your elected representatives, with both emails and telephone calls, and remind them that you are a voter, and demand "No Bailouts for Billionaires" or other high-risk stock-market casino gamblers.

These resources will put you in touch:

US Senators:

US Representatives:

Also, Office of the President, VP, etc.

"No Bailouts for Billionaires".

And now... Back to work...

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