Wednesday, September 24, 2008

More Big Bailouts On the Way.

Egad, the pigs are now all lining up for their turn at the trough, like never before.  Michelle Malkin has a series of articles on the subject.  Disgusting.

$700 billion in taxpayer funding taken from you and used to bail out the toxic debt of failing banks by a phenomenally wrong-headed Treasury Secretary demanding unfettered authority to dole it out to whomever he pleases, in the U.S. or abroad.... (Malkin)

FBI investigating fraud at Fannie/Freddie/Lehman/AIG

Kill the bailout: Phones ringing off the hook; student loans, car debt added to proposal

Kill the bailout: Illegal immigration and the mortgage mess

Kill the bailout: The Big Lies

Here comes the $25 billion automakers' bailout

Again, time to burn up the phone lines and emails to your elected representatives:

US Senators:

US Representatives:

Also, Office of the President, VP, etc.

"No Bailouts for Billionaires".

And now... Back to work...

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