Sunday, September 21, 2008

Seminar Series on Reich in NYC, Starting Sept 27.

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The Institute for the Study of the Work of Wilhelm Reich announces the 20th  year of its spring and fall seminars covering selected topics in orgonomy, and on the work of Wilhelm Reich.

These seminars provide a forum for the study of the tremendous legacy left to us by Wilhelm Reich.  This legacy, the science of Orgonomy, has wide application in many of the social and physical sciences, but unfortunately remains mostly unheard of or misrepresented to this day. Yet Reich's work has predated, as well as been the foundation for, many of the ideas which currently have become more acceptable in today's sciences of psychology, medicine, social  psychology, as well as other areas like biology and animal behavior. The seminar is open to the general public and the interested professional. No prior background in orgonomy or the work of Wilhelm Reich is required.

Format:  Each meeting will address a specific subject based upon readings from orgonomic literature.  In addition to these active 'reading groups' there will be an annual lecture on a designated topic.

Location:  All seminars are held in Manhattan.  Participants who live outside of the New York metropolitan area can attend via phone hookup.
TOPICS:.[All readings from - The Mass Psychology of Fascism. 1970 ed. Trans. By Vincent R. Carfagno. Pub. by Farrar Straus & Giroux.]

Sept. 27,  2008  Sat. 10am - 12noon
Mass Psychology of Fascism. Chaps. VI & VII. Pp.115 - 169.
November  8, 2008  Sat. 10am - 12noon
Mass Psychology of Fascism. Chaps. VIII - X. Pp. 170 - 309.

December 13th, 2008  Sat. 10am - 12noon
Mass Psychology of Fascism. Chaps. XI - XIII. Pp. 310 - 395.

Tuition:  $15 per meeting; $25 for series (prepaid)
  Students: $10 per meeting

For further information on attending the seminars in Manhattan contact:
Dr. Harry Lewis (212) 675-6592.

For further information on attending the seminars by phone hookup contact:
Dr. Daniel Schiff (360) 693-1718

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