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Christians and Jews -- infidel targets of Muslim Mass-Murder

And if you are an atheist -- forget it, you don't even count.  But within Islamic Saharasia, being a "person of the book" (ie, "holy books") is supposed to get you some benefit within Islamic culture.  In fact, it only maybe allows you a "right to life" under the system of dhimmitude slavery.  But without any guarantees.  Besides the choice 1) of dhimmitude slavery, Muslims give two other choices to non-believers:  2) convert to Islam, or  3) death.

The sad thing is, the ignorant people at US State Department who guided the Bush Policy on Iraq, advised to allow the Iraqi leadership to enshrine Koranic Law into their new Constitution.  After all, it is "the religion of peace", isn't it?   Which means, women's rights are basically non-existent, or at best about 1/3 that of men, even if they approve of a few tough women in the Iraqi parliament who will certify that same Sharia Law.  It also means, no Jews allowed, Muslims are Gods Representatives on Earth, and non-Muslims are put at risk of the Three Choices above.  (Chose wisely!)   So why should anyone expect the same Mullah-leaders to do anything but pronounce the Christians of Iraq to be beyond protection, their lives forfeited, as was the case with the Jews before them?  Bush holding hands with Islamic slavers and rapers, Condie Rice meeting with Islamo-tyrants who typically take black females as slaves, hoping for those perfumed tyrants to do what exactly?  Pronounce Women's Liberation?  Sing Kumbaya holding hands with Christians? 

Up until 1948 there were around 350,000 Jews living in Baghdad, since the time of Nebachudnezzar, who took their ancestors into slavery after the Babylonian conquest of Israel in c.630 BC.  After the state of Israel was declared, the Muslims of the world went berserk, killing or deporting the several million Jews who lived under Islamic tyranny as fast as they could, such that by the time of Saddam Hussein the region was "Judenrein" - cleansed of Jews.  There were very few left to deport under his later "Arabization" policies, which worked to kick out additional hundreds of thousands of native Iraqis who did not have such certifiably good Arab or Muslim blood-lines.  So was the problem with the Kurds and Iraqi Persians, Zoroastrians, Asyrrians and Bahais, leading to rivers of blood.  (And that was before his massacres of the Shiites.)  Arab Christians remained in large numbers within Iraq however, and they are the ones currently being targeted -- actually, both Jews and Christians have been targeted for Islamic forced conversion and coercive theft and rape over centuries, in addition to being forbidden to own weapons by which they might defend themselves.  But only now does the MSM take note of what's happening.   So we can forgive all those bright and fair-minded "communications majors" for thinking that if a victim of Islamic torture screams when no journalist is around to record it, that those victims do not in fact actually make any "real sounds"!  Whatever, Islam does not tolerate non-Muslims except as dhimmi slaves, and perhaps they simply got "too uppity" in their demands for equality, under dirty infidel American influences.  Bad Mistake.  Their best bet, for the sake of their children certainly, is to G. T. H. O.

Islam is the mortal enemy of every life-positive social-reform movement, be it of anti-slavery, women's rights, civil rights, children's rights, reproductive rights, and especially the enemy of any and every kind of authentic and non-pornographic sexual love and liberation.  Islam has for nearly 1400 years, blocked and thwarted and crushed all such social movements and impulses which emerged within its sphere of influence.  It will continue doing so for another 1400 years, and transplant their emotional plague into other world regions if not resisted with the utmost effort.  Within cultures of largely-secularized Christianity and Judaism of today, there still is a chance, better in some regions than in others, that life-positive transformations can take place. North America, Australia and Europe all have such a cultural background, and have developed societies of great freedom and strength, in spite of problems.  The whole transformation of liberal Western democratic societies has taken place under the slow "withering away" of the more aggressive and authoritarian aspects of Christianity and Judaism.  There is a slow dis-armoring process underway, well proceeded, and seen historically in the anti-slavery movement, the women's movement, the civil rights movement, environmental movement, the growth of democratic social structures, and so forth.  All of this is hopeful, in spite of the many imperfections and miseries which both of those religious doctrines can sometimes bring about.  But they are both a light-year on the side of life and love, as compared to any Islamic society on the planet.

The quantitative basis of these cross-cultural and cross-religious comparisons is the subject of my larger "Saharasia Since 1900" research.  If you are new to OBRL-News, then a reading of the original Saharasia research will help to clarify things.  For more details on the newer "Saharasia Since 1900" work, see here:



Terrified Christian Families Flee Iraq's Mosul
BAGHDAD -  Hundreds of terrified Christian families have fled Mosul to escape extremist attacks that have increased despite months of U.S. and Iraqi military operations to secure the northern Iraqi city, political and religious officials said Saturday.
Some 3,000 Christians have fled the city over the past week alone in a "major displacement," said Duraid Mohammed Kashmoula, the governor of northern Iraq's Ninevah province. He said most have left for churches, monasteries and the homes of relatives in nearby Christian villages and towns.
"The Christians were subjected to abduction attempts and paid ransom, but now they are subjected to a killing campaign," Kashmoula said, adding he believed "Al Qaeda" elements were to blame and called for a renewed drive to root them out.
Political and religious leaders interviewed said the change in tactics may reflect a desire on the part of extremists to forcibly evict all Christians from Iraq's third largest city.
Earlier this week, Chaldean Archbishop Louis Sako said he was worried about what he termed a "campaign of killings and deportations against the Christian citizens in Mosul."  ...


Also, while on the subject of Islam, the following report gives important news, which will be news only to those who just woke up.  It is not the critics of Islam who are the retrograde "Nazis" "threatening human freedom and world peace" as was screeched by the pro-Muslim anti-anti-jihadist street thugs in Cologne, Germany, a few weeks ago.  In that strange episode, crowds of long-hair liberal-left "anti-Nazis" gathered with their Islamic friends to block, disrupt, and beat up people who were going to a planned Anti-Islamification Conference. With help from the Mayor's Office and the local police, who stood by doing nothing as violence was perpetrated upon the conferences speakers and participants.  You'll need a Programme to follow the players in that farcical Grand Theatre, but let us just say, that the real Fascists got the young and ignorant air-heads and useful idiots to do their dirty work for them, to disrupt an authentic anti-(Islamo)-fascist conference by pushing down or beating up everyone except the real fascists, all while yelling "Nazi Raus" (Nazi's out!).  Like the old SA and SS thugs making alliances with the Red Fascists to attack the decent liberal and democratic center, while the police stood by laughing and doing nothing.   Didn't that happen in Germany once before??!   When you start to see this kind of organizational structure, and especially if the Turkish Youth Gangs start marching with the Neu Deutschland Jungen, in some fancy uniform, it will also be time to G. T. H. O.

From Robert Spencer's Jihadwatch...


German neo-Nazis view jihadists as allies
The organizers of the controversial anti-Islamization rally in Cologne last month have been widely described as neo-Nazis. However, in "German Neo-Nazis View Islamists as Allies," at Pajamas Media, October 10 (thanks to all who sent this in), John Rosenthal discusses a recently revealed report from the domestic intelligence service of the German city-state of Hamburg that shows that genuine, open National Socialists actually despise the pro-Cologne group for being pro-Israel. They also don't mind Islamic supremacism and the pending Islamization of Europe: "Inasmuch as it is a determined opponent of the western-plutocratic one-world policy, we regard Islam, globally considered, as an ally against the mammonistic dominance of the American east coast."

When protesters in Cologne last month managed, with the blessing of the city government, to prevent the holding of an "Anti-Islamification Congress," the cancellation of the event was widely hailed in the German and international media as a victory against "right-wing extremists" or, more simply put, "Nazis." (See here, for instance, from the English-language site of the German weekly Der Spiegel.)
A new report from the domestic intelligence service of the German city-state of Hamburg shows, however, that actual neo-Nazi groups in Germany - i.e., groups that themselves embrace this description - in fact likewise opposed the "Anti-Islamification Congress" and are notably hostile to its sponsor, the "citizens' movement" Pro-Cologne [Pro-Köln].
While the neo-Nazis agitate against what they describe as Germany's "flooding by foreigners" - or "Überfremdung" - they take precautions against criticizing Islamic influences or Islam as such, since the latter is rather "to be seen as an ally."

**snip**  Got that?  For the German hard-right and self-identified neo-Nazis, it is "Ausländer Raus... aber nicht unsere islamischen Brüder!"   (Foreigners Out... but not our Islamic Brothers!)

Someone might wish to remind the angry young liberals and leftists, who think they did the world a favor by suppressing a conference critical of Islamic extremism, about the deadly alliances between the old scheming Kaiser and the totalitarian Ottoman Turks, and between Hitler and the Mufti of Jerusalem.  History sadly tends to repeat itself, based upon similarities in character structure and geopolitical realities.  The German right-wing and Muslim groups are probably sitting quietly by, laying their plans while the hard-left goes about suppressing the decent centrists, who factually are the enemies of all three.  But the right-wing and Muslim groups are no friends of liberals or of the hard-left!!   At some point they will emerge from the shadows, and all Hell will break loose.

Read the whole thing...

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