Wednesday, October 15, 2008

"Muslim Day" Dominance Parade, Times Square, NYC, 10-12-08

"Muslim Day" Dominance Parade in Times Square, NYC 10-12-08

"Takbir!" "Allahu Akbar!"  Get out of the way, you Dhimmis, Here come the Angry Muslims!  An incredible scene you must view, to see the dark future for every part of the USA or Europe that allows Nazified Islam into its presence.  Verbally and almost physically assaulting women on the periphery who aren't wearing veils, or for holding up signs saying "We Will Not Submit" or "No Sharia Law", Etc.  Screaming at them "Whores!"  "We will rape you 50 times!"  If the cops weren't there, blood would have run in the streets.

Angry furious bearded men, filled with hatred for women, attitudes straight out of the dead deserts of Saharasia, in vainglory and rage, screaming their dominance.  Don't you dare resist!   Out of the way!  Today they are a minority.  What happens when they are not, and when they are fully represented in the police forces?  You know the answer.  In the Islamic world, there is no opposition at all, and such "protestors" don't exist, or simply vanish into a prison cell, or without a trace, police or no.  That is what Islam will mean for the West as well.  Remember, this "Muslim Day Parade" is the "moderates".  This is what every woman in the USA will be forced to deal with -- Without the police -- when/if such fanatics take over.

View this quick, before the dhimmis at YouTube take it down, because "hate speech" is increasingly defined as merely SHOWING the hatred of the Muslims by quoting them, or posting videos of their vile words and deeds.


Here's an article on the event, from Phyllis Chessler:
An Ill Wind: Manhattan's Muslim Day Parade Plus Much More
On my way to Penn Station on Friday afternoon, (on West 29th St. to be precise), there seemed to be some kind of demonstration going on. When we got closer we saw that it was a large Islamic prayer service which had spilled out onto the sidewalk and into the gutter. It was mainly a mass of prostrated men but women in hijab walked nearby. The driver, a silver-haired man of Greek and Bulgarian background, launched into a non-stop monologue.
"I wouldn't mind it if they came here to become Americans like I did. But no, they hate America. They want to stay the way they are but they want to take over America. You ought to see it in Astoria, Queens! Far bigger than this. You know why they're on the sidewalk and in the street? Because they are really protesting not having larger and larger mosques."
Well, their prayer service, (and it was that), did somehow seem like a protest. There was an aggressive rather than a humbled feeling in the air, more anger than love, a separatism but one right in-your-face.


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