Friday, December 12, 2008

James DeMeo Lecture & Interview Tapes Available

Dr. James DeMeo was an invited presenter at the recent Weston A Price Foundation's "Wise Traditions" Conference in San Francisco. His presentation "Science Discovers the Biological and Atmospheric Life Energy" was recorded, and is now available on CD from the Fleetwood Onsite Conference Recording website:
See the second page of selections, or go here:

This Conference also included a wide range of other interesting presentations, including by Prof. Joseph Heckman on "Life Force Explorations in Soils, Food and Health", also available as a CD from Fleetwood.

Thanks to Ms. Sally Fallon for the kind invitation.   The sponsoring organization, the Weston A. Price foundation,  carries a lot of good and helpful information on their website, about diet, nutrition, and the health-benefits of raw, unpasturized milk... here:

Dr. DeMeo was also recently interviewed on the subject of his varied research, by Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media.  This interview in two parts as a "podcast" at the following website:

Part I:

Part 2:  To Be Announced

Thanks to Jan Irvin for the opportunity.

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