Monday, January 05, 2009

EU's new figurehead believes climate change is a myth

Not only does President Vaclav Klaus oppose the CO2 theory, but compares the EU to a communist state...  Must be the chilly Czech atmosphere, allowing for some deep-breathing and rare clear-headed perception.   Of course, all the "people who matter" are shocked!  Simply Shocked!  And doing their best to tape his mouth shut...

Given the abundance of mis-reporting, do not assume all you read here is fact.  Most probably, Mr. Klaus believes very much in "climate change", but only that temperatures were going up until around 2000, and since have leveled off and are now going down.  The "journal-ists" still don't report too well on that sort of thing.  That "climate change" is one thing, "global warming" is another thing, and that one can soundly embrace both of those concepts and still be a total skeptic about the "CO2 theory of global warming", which is something entirely different.  It may help to read Orwell on these matters of definition.  J.D.


The Czech government is desperate to keep its head of state as far away as possible from the EU presidency

David Charter, Europe Correspondent

The European Union's new figurehead believes that climate change is a dangerous myth and has compared the union to a Communist state.
The views of President Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic, 67, have left the government of Mirek Topolanek, his bitter opponent, determined to keep him as far away as possible from the EU presidency, which it took over from France yesterday.
The Czech president, who caused a diplomatic incident by dining with opponents of the EU's Lisbon treaty on a recent visit to Ireland, has a largely ceremonial role.
But there are already fears that, after the dynamic EU presidency of Nicolas Sarkozy - including his hyper-active attempts at international diplomacy over the credit crisis and Georgia as well as an historic agreement to cut greenhouse gases - the Czech effort will be mired in infighting and overshadowed by the platform it will give to Mr Klaus and his controversial views.

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