Thursday, January 29, 2009

The Mild-Mannered British Desire For The Annihilation Of Israel

This article is a bit "aged" in that the Gaza death tolls are already being clarified as overwhelmingly Hamas militants, with many civilian deaths due to Hamas street-executions of their political opponents, using women and kids as human shields, etc.  But the problem is not only a British one.  It is global, of people reading and believing all the Red Fascist and Islamofascist propaganda, themselves becoming fascist-sympathizers without knowing it, and scapegoating their inner hatreds against those whom the Red Fascists and Islamofascists tell them they should hate.  All based upon similar sex-repressive constellations, similar sex-frustrations and unsatisfied longings, similar desires for heavenly redemption from Allah or Big Brother, and a similar blaming of the victims of genocidal violence for their own deaths.  And meanwhile, hard-left and Islamic power-grabbing is going on all over the place.  Hard-socialism and Sharia Law, on the rise, with nearly nobody successfully standing up against it, the news media all in favor of it, and the average person all rooting for it.   Yes!  Where are my chains!  Give me some chains!  And quick, Tell me whom I should throw this rock at!   J.D.


The Mild-Mannered British Desire For The Annihilation Of Israel


The British sociologist Frank Furedi reports what he has heard from Britain's educated classes since the Gaza crisis began:

I am standing in a queue waiting to buy a train ticket from London to Canterbury. A well-dressed lady standing behind me informs her friend that she 'can't wait till Israel disappears off the face of the earth.' What struck me was not her intense hostility to Israel but the mild-mannered, matter-of-fact tone with which she announced her wish for the annihilation of a nation. It seems that it is okay to condemn and demonize Israel. All of a sudden Israel has become an all-purpose target for a variety of disparate and confused causes. When I ask a group of Pakistani waiters sitting around a table in their restaurant why they 'hate' Israel, they casually tell me that it is because Jews are their 'religion's enemy.' Those who are highly educated have their own pet prejudice. One of my young colleagues who teaches media studies in a London-based university was taken aback during a seminar discussion when some of her students insisted that since all the banks are owned by Jews, Israel was responsible for the current global financial crisis.

This shocking anti-Jewish bigotry and violence - according to the Community Security Trust, Anglo-Jewry is in the middle of the worst outbreak of Jew-hatred since records began a quarter of a century ago, with more than 150 incidents across the country recorded since the beginning of the Gaza war -- has erupted in Britain as a direct result of the British media and political class giving the impression that the Israelis are deliberate child-killers. Both politicians and journalists have accepted at face value the Hamas claim that the dead in Gaza were mainly civilians, whereas the Israelis maintain that the vast majority were terrorist operatives. The British elites have accepted all claims of Israeli atrocities as well-founded, even though as far as I can see there is not a shred of evidence for any of them. They have also treated the word of the UN as objective holy writ, even though there are serious grounds for suspecting that the UN are the patsies of Hamas. ...


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