Thursday, February 12, 2009

Islamic War Against Freedom of Speech and Press

Wilders Expelled from the UK for "Inciting Violence"!!

Hey, wait a minute... that's not Geert Wilder's photograph!

No, it is none other than Yusuf "Kill the Jews" Al-Qaradawi, the "moderate Muslim" always quoted (selectively) in Western liberal newspapers, as a representative of "tolerant moderate Islam".  He's an "acceptable" immigrant to Britain, let in without so much as a peep of protest. Just an average run-of-the-mill Mulsim screacher-of-hate, and that's perfectly fine with the Home Office.  Muslim Brotherhood member, supporter of Hamas and suicide bombers, supports murdering Jewish women and children... but since Ken "the Red" Livingstone, Mayor of London, proclaimed him to be a "progressive force for change", who could possibly object?  After all, Livingstone considers Castro, Mao and Stalin to be "progressive" also.  And just what kind of "change" he meant was never clarified.  We have that problem with people advocating "change" in the USA as well, and it does not look good in either case.

"Offended Muslims" will demand nobody say anything bad about their religion, even if truthful, in a manner that the Catholic Church certainly could not realistically aspire to.  Christians and Jews are "out", while Muslims are "in".  So just shut your mouth.  Here's where it has come to:,2933,491505,00.html
Anti-Islam Dutch Lawmaker Sent Back to Netherlands Amid U.K. Ban

Just threaten to bring 30,000 angry Muslims out into the street to riot and burn and loot, and the British Lords will cower and creep away meekly.  You can be a grizzly-bearded misogynist who screeches out Jew-hatred and "death" to infidels on a daily basis, advocating Islamic child-rape polygamy and female slavery, hanging homosexuals and treasonous sedition against the democratic nation... but if you dare to criticize that kind of behavior, to expose that, then sudden you are a "threat to community safety"!   Or your presence will "incite hatred".  Yes indeed, hatred by Muslims against Wilders, who would try to kill him.  This is no different from a legal ruling that would prevent someone from being publicly critical of the Nazis... assuming the neo-Nazis had 30,000 people willing to riot in the street.

One wonders when the British will expel all the Jews also, because they also "incite hatred" among Muslims.  We get very close to the situation of the 1930s, when the mere presence of Jews on European soil was considered a provocation by liberal-left people, and that their expulsion was considered a step towards "peace".   That's why so many left-wing people supported Hitler and the National Socialist platforms of Jew-hatred.  While the National Socialist Hitlerites may have been to the "right" of the International Socialist Stalinists, both had more of a shared ideology and agenda than their differences would reveal.  Same with Islam, a very shared ideology and agenda, and the third leg of a dirty triangle with the two-socialisms.  All are a threat to the peace, happiness and life of ordinary people.

Here, once again, is what the fuss is about today:  Fitna

The film does the unthinkable... it links terrorism to Islam (!!)  Can't have that.

Tomorrow, the fuss will be about something else... like women walking to school or work, and NOT wearing a burka.  Or people drinking beer or eating pork.  Can't have that, as it all "provokes Muslims".  No happy music either, only drums and yelling, no bright colors, and men -- stop shaving!  Or else!

"Hail Britainia, Britainia rules no waves, we will surely, surely, surely all be slaves!"

Not to pick on the Brits, who by the numbers are more in favor of kicking out the Islamic hate-preachers and letting Wilders in, they are not much worse off in this situation than the Canadians, Australians, or Americans.  In all cases, our political elites and Royals have sold us down the river.  Slavery and obedience for the peasants, and a Big Party for them.

Here's a similar sad tale from India:
Reporters arrested for 'offending Islam'
Article says Muhammad killed Jews, had sexual relations with 9-year-old

It is now official -- the truth is forbidden!   No more "Rule of Law".  It is now "Rule by Threat of Violence" against anyone who dares to stand in the Islamic path to power.  The Saudi task-masters are smiling.

So here's the new "band-wagonism":  Everyone must sacrifice truth and law in favor of a temporary peace.  Emphasis upon the word "Temporary", given how Muslim demographics show an expanding and youthful population, while the "native aboriginals" of Europe are on the decline, ageing.

Wilders said:

'Even if you do not like me, if you do not agree with my views, in the name of freedom of speech I should be allowed to hold a debate with others on those views." 

Sounds a bit old-fashioned.  Like Voltaire, Locke, Burke, or Paine.  Doesn't quite fit in with the new designer drugs, pod-casts, and Hollywood-ism.

Do his words fall upon deaf ears? 

Apparently so.


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