Thursday, February 26, 2009

Who Are the Real Fascists? Please Raise Your Right Arm!

Well, here it is, a pile of steaming merde covered over with cheap perfume, for all to see and smell.  The Lords of Saharasia, now coming into your neighborhood, with drawn swords.

The UN Resolution to Ban Free Speech and Press Freedoms:
The UN Anti-Blasphemy Resolution,2933,432502,00.html
U.N. Anti-Blasphemy Resolution Curtails Free Speech, Critics Say
Religious groups and free-speech advocates are banding together to fight a United Nations resolution they say is being used to spread Sharia law to the Western world and to intimidate anyone who criticizes Islam.
UN anti-blasphemy measures have sinister goals, observers say
Islamic countries Monday won United Nations backing for an anti-blasphemy measure Canada and other Western critics say risks being used to limit freedom of speech.

Described also in another Must-See video on YouTube.

The Wilders speech in the USA, banned in the UK and other nations dominated by peace-loving Muslims.

More on Wilders, in case you have been asleep.  His situation is important as he has become a figure-head for Islamic oppression of speech, press and artistic (film) freedoms in the West.

How long will the Western liberal establishment continue running with and supporting these religious fanatics?  Will the Obama people and the ACLU,, DailyKoz and all the Bush-haters and America-haters, and Jew-haters, support this?  Will they remain silent about it, sitting out the fight even as conservatives and others rush in to defend the US Constitution? (Haven't we had enough deterioration of the Constitution, with the burning of Reich's books?)  Is the blindness of ordinary Western liberals, about the fascist agendas of their own left-wing leadership and their Muslim political allies, so immensely opaque and stubborn?   If any of our readers comes across articles indicating who publicly supports this, which nations or political leaders, please send it along so it can be posted up.  I for one want to know, who supports this miserable anti-freedom trash from the UN.

Who are the Real Fascists?  All who support the obliteration of speech-freedoms, stand up and be counted!  Raise your right arm, bent slightly forward.

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