Saturday, March 07, 2009

Facebook Geeks Go Islamic -- "KILL THE JEWS"

Are you a user of Facebook?  Or your kids?  Know that it is fully taken over by Islamic terror sympathizers, not just some sub-group of Facebook users, but the leaders, the CEOs and webmasters of Facebook, the computer geeks who keep it running.  They spit in your faces, and like the Islamists, censor out anything even remotely critical of Islam, or supportive of Israel, and thereby wish you only slavery or death.  When asked to make a choice, they have voted, shown their "true face", given their approvals to the sentiments "Kill the Jews and Infidels", rather than to stand up for freedom, for life, for women and children, and for the West against Islamic barbarism.   J.D.

Facebook Jihad
By Robert Spencer | Friday, March 06, 2009

The jihad against Israel rages not just in Gaza, but worldwide, including on the Internet -- and even on Facebook, as a 14-year-old American Jew named Todd Snider recently discovered. In July 2008, Snider started a Facebook group called "I Wonder How Quickly I Can Find 1,000,000 People Who Support Israel." This group quickly grew to become the largest pro-Israel group on Facebook, with over 180,000 members. But then, unexpectedly, this group gave this enterprising and dedicated young man a lesson in jihadist intimidation and thuggery -- including an unpleasant taste of how Western bureaucrats abet that thuggery, whether out of indifference or complicity.

On February 15, 2009, Snider recounts, "my inbox was suddenly flooded with messages." His pro-Israel Facebook group had been hacked and destroyed by a pro-Hizballah group calling itself "Lebanese Shee'a Hackers." The hackers completely erased the original site content and replaced it with pro-jihad, anti-Israel propaganda - while Facebook authorities stood by and let it all happen, answering Snider's repeated entreaties for help with bland form letters.

The hackers gained administrative privileges to the "I Wonder How Quickly I Can Find 1,000,000 People Who Support Israel" group through the account of a co-administrator who had fallen for an illegal Internet phishing scheme, in which she was prompted to enter her account information and did so. They changed the group picture to one of Hassan Nasrallah and wrote the following obscene message in the Group Description section:
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