Monday, March 30, 2009

NYT "Science Editors" Still Hot Over CO2

When it is so damn cold and icy, and global temps are on the decline over some years, and your emotional frustration and rage blocks your capacity to think clearly, that your well-laid plans for CO2 Socialism might be ill-considered, you've got to do SOMETHING!  Once again, they will hammer any notable scientist who disagrees with the well-crafted agendas.

I certainly do not agree with some of Dyson's ideas, but he has got it right on the CO2 issue.

There is no doubt that parts of the world are getting warmer, but the warming is not global. I am not saying that the warming does not cause problems. Obviously it does. Obviously we should be trying to understand it better. I am saying that the problems are grossly exaggerated. They take away money and attention from other problems that are more urgent and more important, such as poverty and infectious disease and public education and public health, and the preservation of living creatures on land and in the oceans, not to mention easy problems such as the timely construction of adequate dikes around the city of New Orleans.
- Freeman Dyson
Freeman Dyson: More Heretics Needed, Don't Sweat the CO2

The article linked below gives more details.  Just remember while reading such stuff as the NYT puts out on "science", that "Science Journalism" is a fairly new academic discipline, where the young student with nearly zero life-experience studies journalism, writing and communications for a couple of years, and then takes a few added undergraduate introductory "science" courses -- to make up for what they slept through, in abject boredom, during High School.  So they get a B.S. degree in "science journalism", after which comes a job at the NY Times, Etc.  It then becomes possible for the new "instant experts" on everything, to shovel lots of  BS into the public face, to slavishly pant at the feet of the scientific-academic Priesthood, and throw contempt and slander at Heretics.  And they are typically invited to give speeches to "skeptic" groups like CSICOP, which bloats their egos all the more.

And of course, if they don't fall into this line, in most cases they are out of a job pretty quick, no less in the newspapers than in the science departments.  The journalist who escapes this crushing down of the mainstream, who uses logic to question both mainstream and sidestream, is as rare as the scientist who sticks to facts over authority and personal advancement.  But really, after a few years of undergrad brainwash in the typical left-socialist university departments, one either quits in disgust, or is thrown out, or learns to gravitate towards whatever is the current fad over smaller irrelevancies... like facts or truth.   One learns that "consensus" is important, and to ignore the lessons of the History of Science (assuming one knows anything about it) and of human history in general, that new discoveries are almost exclusively born and developed by the oftentimes heroic and sacrificing efforts of single scientists, carrying forward new and unpopular ideas, and who are opposed every step of the way by "mainstreamers" and their cadres pushing "consensus".        James DeMeo, PhD     *       CO2, Freeman Dyson, Magic Trees, the NY Times, and a Piece of Pencil Lead the Size of New Mexico
March 27, 2009 4:48 PM, by Mike Dunford
Cold Yet? [Hansen model predicted new ice age coming]
Washington Times ^ | 9/20/07 | John McCaslin

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