Monday, March 16, 2009

What Islam is Not

A breakdown of the percentages of Muslim population around the world, and what you can expect this to mean for your homeland.  Note the distinct Saharasia pattern.

It is Organized Emotional Plague, empowered by petrodollars, motivated by intensive sex-frustration, boiling rage, and murderous hatred of all who do not share the sickness.

What Islam Is Not.

And below is another example of how Organized Islam has worked to silence democracy and freedom within the United Nations -- Muslim hate speech ("kill the infidel/kill the Jew") is OK and allowed within UN events!   But it is FORBIDDEN to try and expose or criticize that!
UN Human Rights Council: Silencing critics of Muslim antisemitism
Incredible!!!  The "Banality of Evil" -- These UN SOBs deliberately shut off the microphone when anyone tries to point out the ongoing Butchery of Modern Islam. In a "Human Rights Council" no less. 

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